Muscle-Music With Arduino

Hello everyone, this is my first Instructables, this project was inspired after watching the Old Spice Muscle Music where we can watch how Terry Crews plays different instruments with EMG signals.We plan to start this journey with this first project, where we generate a square wave signal with a fre…By: Juliodb96 Read more

Working with the Scout Association on digital skills for life

Today we’re launching a new partnership between the Scouts and the Raspberry Pi Foundation that will help tens of thousands of young people learn crucial digital skills for life. In this blog post, I want to explain what we’ve got planned, why it matters, and how you can get involved. This is personal First, let me tell you why this partnership matters to me. As a child growing up in... Read more

Arduino Hearing Test

Wanted to know how high you can hear? You can find out by programming an Arduino. It generates a tone from low to so high, only a few people can hear. Parts Passive buzzerWiresBreadboardArduino Uno or MegaArduino IDE Programming Type, copy, or download.void setup() { pinMode(10, OUTPUT); }vo…By: Techno_Bot01 Read more