How to Build a N64 TASBot

I would like to start out with giving out two shoutouts and a description for a TASBot. The first shoutout goes to Arduino, if they had not formed their company, this tutorial would not be here. The second shoutout goes to SM64Vidz, for his amazing video that started this tutorial(…By: ChocolatePancake Read more

Wildlife camera with object recognition

Ever wondered what lurks at the bottom of your garden at night, or which furry friends are visiting the school playground once all the children have gone home? Using a Raspberry Pi and camera, along with Google’s Vision API, is a cheap but effective way to capture some excellent close-ups of foxes, birds, mice, squirrels and badgers, and to tweet the results. This article first appeared in The MagPi 71... Read more

These LED Suits Were Made for Dancin’! #WearableWednesday

Thanks to mobistrike for sharing this project in the Adafruit Forums! See more on the project on YouTube Every Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday here at Adafruit! We’re bringing you the blinkiest, most fashionable, innovative, and useful wearables from around the web and in our own original projects featuring our wearable Arduino-compatible platform, FLORA. Be sure to post up your wearables projects in the forums or send us a link and... Read more

Learn how to document your code

In our latest resource, we show you how to create a website and use it to document your coding projects. Why document your code? Search the web with the right key words for your programming conundrum, and you’re bound to find someone who has written software to address a question that’s at least similar to yours. And not only that, they’re also making their software freely available under an open... Read more

Arduino Score Counter

This Arduino Score Counter will count the number of baskets you make using the CD4026BE Decade Counter/Divider IC to count the number of baskets made and display that number on a 7 segment display. An Arduino paired with a photoresistor (acting as a laser tripwire for the ball). which then send a s…By: cole.cochran.58 Read more