Things to Make

Describe your collection here… Compact Arduino GPS Speedo + and More Easy As Pie GPS Datalogger Intro to GPS With Microcontrollers Make Your Own Smart Watch ☠Weedinator Part 2: Satellite Navigation☠ Making PCBs at Home (Toner Transfer Method) Metal Rotating Tool Stand …By: bwgeez02 Read more

Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland

It was a heck of a year for Ubuntu’s Mir display server from it starting off as the display server to the now-abandoned Unity 8 desktop and it surviving Canonical’s cancelling of the Unity/convergence projects to now not only being fitted for IoT use-cases but gaining Wayland support with hopes some will use it as a Wayland compositor. This also went from Mir 1.0 nearly being released and back to... Read more

Arduino 7 Segment Clock

This tutorial is about making a clock using DS1307 real time clock module, Arduino and a 4 digit 7 segment led display.Time and date are both displayed on the segment display as a result.I made this project on a veroboard. You can use a breadboard if you want to just make a prototype. Here is a good…By: Shaheer Sajid Read more