Honeypots and the Internet of Things

There were a number of incidents in 2016 that triggered increased interest in the security of so-called IoT or ‘smart’ devices. They included, among others, the record-breaking DDoS attacks against the French hosting provider OVH and the US DNS provider Dyn. These attacks are known to have been launched with the help of a massive botnet made up of routers, IP cameras, printers and other devices. Read more


null null Miniature Weather Station – ESP8266 DIY Arduino Watch Sport 2.0 Spooky Whispering Prank DVD to Laser Engraver Arduino Parking Assistant DIY Speedometer on Arduino WiFi Weather Display With ESP8266 Personalised Word Clock With Animated Time Transitions…By: zeniiz Read more

POV Arduino Fidget Spinner

I’ve always wanted to make a persistence of vision device, but never got around to making the usual clock or desktop display. I decided to take it to the next level and install it on a Fidget Spinner. Why not right?I designed all aspects of the project. It is an Arduino using the SAMD21 MCu, a shift…By: seanhodgins Read more

Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Raspbian OS to Soon Be Rebased on Debian 9 “Stretch”

Raspberry Pi Foundation UX engineer Simon Long is reporting on the availability of a new stable update to the project’s Debian-based Raspbian operating system for Raspberry Pi and x86 computers. The Raspbian 2017-06-21 images are now available for download, and besides being synced with the upstream Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie” repositories to include all the latest security and software updates, they add a couple of big new changes, such as... Read more

Arduino Tamagotchi Clone – Digital Pet

In this video we are going to build our own digital pet using Arduino, a Tamagotchi clone.With over 76million units sold worldwide Tamagotchi was one of the most popular toys of the 90s. As you can see on the small OLED display we take care of a small dinosaur. Using the meters, like the hunger mete…By: educ8s Read more


This instructables show how to make a simple power meter using 3 components: ATtiny85, INA219 and OLED module.It can continuous measure the voltage(V), current(mA) and accumulated power usage(mWh). And also plot a simple graph to visualise the figures. Why? While developing IoT device, power cons…By: 陳亮 Read more