BASpi: Building Automation Software Add-on Board for Raspberry Pi

Contemporary Controls’ new BASpi Raspberry Pi 3 add-on board is the first product that is specifically designed for the BACnet standard. BACNet is a data communication protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks that has been developed, supported and maintained by ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee since 1987, and used as building automation standard in the US, Europe, and more […] Read more

Linux on Nintendo Switch, a new Kubernetes ML platform, and more news

In this edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the Mozilla’s IoT gateway, a new machine learning platform,’s revamp, and more. Open source news roundup for February 4-17, 2018 Mozilla announces Project Things for a more secure IoT Mozilla wants you to have control over your connected devices. To help you gain that control, they’ve released Project Things into the wild. Read more

Real-time Linux based automation controller supports up to 16 I/O modules

Opto 22 announced its first Linux-based automation controller: a rugged “Groov EPIC” system that runs real-time Linux on a quad-core ARM SoC, and supports process and machine control, SCADA/RTU, and industrial IoT edge gateway applications. Increasingly, industrial equipment manufacturers must not only compete on features, but also meet their clients’ need to attract the best […] Read more

Design: How would you make a 10MHz scope HAT for Raspberry Pi?

There seems no end to the challenges the Raspberry Pi community has tackled with its credit-card-sized computer – there are at least two in space, plenty hidden away inside industrial equipment and loads around the globe educating children. Having spent a while recently trying to fix an ancient oscilloscope, it occurred to me that it … This story continues at Design: How would you make a 10MHz scope HAT for... Read more

Simple Raspberry Pi Doorbell

I recently bought a home with a broken doorbell chime. Since I’m DIY geek I had to build the replacement. It is also nice to play any sound I want.I used the Adafruit Stereo Bonnet Pack with RPI Zero W Additional Parts:SD cardUSB power outlet – Or could use a Pi power adapter if you have a power out…By: SethB62 Read more