Fix a DEAD raspberry pi..!

Hi guys,While doing a project based on raspberry pi i just overvoltaged it and got damaged. And now i figured out a way to fix dead pi’s damaged by excessive power supply. In my case it’s a pi 3 model b Gather Materials.. Raspberrypi (which ahve to be fixed)Arduino UnoSorldering machineetc Issu…By: Baasil Biniyamin Read more

AT&T has launched a programmable LTE button for businesses

AT&T has introduced a new product called the LTE-M button, a programmable button that businesses can deploy to allow customers to place orders or send alerts. The LTE-M button isn’t designed for consumers, but for businesses: it can be programmed and issued with a custom label — and ordered in quantities of 500. AT&T says that each button will work for up to 1,500 clicks or for three years. Engadget... Read more

Servo SG90 With Unmodified Lego

Using cheap servo in Lego-arduino builds.There are several guide how use SG90 servo with lego. Most of them require customization of lego/servo or 3d printed case. This example is using original LEGO pieces. I tried to use parts that easy and cheap to get. Some variations are possible if you don’t h…By: KonstantinP19 Read more

Circuito Arduino Controller Pad

“Circuito” is a DIY controlling pad. It is a Supplementary project for my previous Robotic Arm project. The Controlling Pad is a computer controlled mechanical constructions that help to move and manage any robotic arm depend on servo motors.It can be considered kinetic control pad in their own righ…By: ahmedazouz Read more