Taking the first step on the journey

This column is from The MagPi issue 58. You can download a PDF of the full issue for free, or subscribe to receive the print edition in your mailbox or the digital edition on your tablet. All proceeds from the print and digital editions help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve its charitable goals. About five years ago was the first time I unboxed a Raspberry Pi. I hooked it up... Read more

Raspberry Pi web browser group test

It is hard to overstate the importance of web browsers and how much we take them for granted. They are our access point to a universe of information, and they do a lot of work to bring us all this information in a readable format. Raspbian has featured several default web browsers over the last five years, changing as internet access and power requirements have developed. Is the latest choice,... Read more

Guest Post: Ensuring today’s IoT innovations aren’t tomorrow’s security disasters

With the IoT security genie already out of the bottle, tackling the recurring design vulnerabilities right at the core of IoT devices is critical to the industry’s future, to avoid security disasters, argues Canonical’s Emily Ratliff. This story continues at Guest Post: Ensuring today’s IoT innovations aren’t tomorrow’s security disasters Or just coverage at Electronics Weekly Read more

SolydXK 9 Linux OS Debuts Based on Debian 9 Stretch, Drops Raspberry Pi Support

The developers of the Debian-based SolydXK GNU/Linux distribution announced today the release and immediate availability for download of the SolydXK 9 operating system series. Based on the recently launched Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” operating system, SolydXK 9 has been in development for a few months now, and it entered Beta stages only a three weeks ago. It’s a major release that adds numerous new features and lots of other performance... Read more