Bluetooth Audio Device on OpenELEC

This Instructable will go through the few easy steps to activate Bluetooth audio devices on Kodi OpenELEC. All you need is a device running OpenELEC, e.g. a Raspberry Pi model B using on-board Bluetooth connectivity or by means of a USB Bluetooth dongle.OpenELEC’s build-in functionality makes it ver…By: renierdelport Read more

Create a Basic Python Web Server with Flask @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Handy post from Matt over at raspberrypi-spy. This tutorial will explain how to create a basic site to get you started. Once you’ve got an example working the official documentation can be used to move onto more advanced topics. I use Python 3 in this tutorial. It should work the same with Python 2 but you will need to replace all references to “python3” with “python”. . Read more

Raspberry Pi and GCHQ teach encryption

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and UK Government code breaking facility GCHQ have got together to create a public key encryption teaching resource. Find it here and a blog introducing it here. Be warned, if you want to finish the whole educational unit, you will need to build yourself an eight-Raspberry Pi (32 core) mini-supercomputing cluster. This story continues at Raspberry Pi and GCHQ teach encryption Or just coverage at Electronics... Read more

GloFo and Verisilicon developing highly integrated FD-SOI cellular modem

In Q4, Globalfoundries and VeriSilicon intend to tape out a cellular modem test chip for low-power wide area (LPWA) networks which integrates baseband, power management, RF radio and front-end, combining both Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M capabilities and fabbed  on a  22nm FD-SOI process. LPWA technology takes advantage of the existing LTE spectrum and mobile infrastructure, … This story continues at GloFo and Verisilicon developing highly integrated FD-SOI cellular modem Or... Read more

Biped2Wheel Robot Controller

This is Android App which is create by me to control a robot called ” Biped2Wheel Robot” which is also create by me using Arduino technology for my own idea. I use MIT App Inventor to create this App.Here you can download apk file of my App – By: samitha rajakaruna Read more

Spiker Tunner

This is a Android App created by using MIT App Inventor. It is create for control Arduino based Special Volley Ball Attacking Training Equipment named “Spiker Tunner”. The connectivity of this Android App is Bluetooth. – Six members project (Completed Robotic section of the equipment. Inventor R.M.S…By: samitha rajakaruna Read more

Open spec GoPiGo robot kit rev’d with more sensors and new Linux distro

The Dexter Industries, Raspberry Pi based “GoPiGo3” robot kit has more sensors, better durability and motor control, and new DexterOS and Bloxter software. The self-proclaimed “world’s best selling Raspberry Pi robot” has received a major upgrade that includes a new DexterOS Linux distribution and a Bloxter visual programming environment. Like the Raspberry Pi SBC that […] Read more

Plane Spotting with Pi and Amazon Alexa @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Awesome project and write-up from Nick Sypteras via A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment that has a sweet view of passing planes. As an airplane fanatic, I’d often go to to look up the different airplanes as they passed by, but after a while that became cumbersome. So, I taught Alexa to do the work for me! Here’s the end result. . Each Friday... Read more