SolydXK 9 Linux OS Debuts Based on Debian 9 Stretch, Drops Raspberry Pi Support

The developers of the Debian-based SolydXK GNU/Linux distribution announced today the release and immediate availability for download of the SolydXK 9 operating system series. Based on the recently launched Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” operating system, SolydXK 9 has been in development for a few months now, and it entered Beta stages only a three weeks ago. It’s a major release that adds numerous new features and lots of other performance... Read more

Film : Chasing Coral

A documentary film about our dying coral reefs was released this weekend by Netflix. The film “Chasing Coral” was produced by Exposure Labs who also produced “Chasing Ice” which documented glacier melt. The technical challenge of catching a reefs death were immense and this film gets right into the details. There is one scene in the movie where you see the engineering team creating an underwater time lapse camera complete... Read more

Ubuntu Linux and Husarion's CORE2-ROS Make Robot Development Easy and Fun

Building robots is a challenging task, even for Husarion, a robotic company known for creating a rapid development platform for robots called CORE2-ROS, which, in combination with the popular Ubuntu OS, makes robot development easy and fun. Husarion’s Dominik Nowak explains in a recent blog article how CORE2, the company’s second generation robotics controller, and their cloud platform that helps them manage all CORE2-based robots assists those interested in creating... Read more


This is the most basic tutorial for the famous open source development board named ARDUINORASPBERRY PI tutorials are on the way,please wait. COMPONENTS REQUIRED 1.LED(any color,iam using onboard led in digital pin 13)2.ARDUINO WITH USB CABLE3.JUMPER WIRES4.BREADBOARD WIRING THE COMPONENTS Wire…By: kumaranG794 Read more


hello guys this is Milin here, a technology enthusiast you can join on to my instagram page there you might come across new projects and you might wanna build few of them so today we will be building a voice activated bluetooth robot.mainly the data tranfered is only th…By: MilinP2 Read more