6 hardware projects for upgrading your home

Every day, hobbyists and tinkerers are pushing the boundaries of what we can do with low-cost microcontrollers and mini-computers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. That trend doesn’t stop when it comes to IoT and home automation. In this article, I’ll round up six projects from Adafruit Industries that use open source hardware and software to improve home life (or at the very least, make more fun) in new and... Read more

MQTT for IoT Communication

MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. As its name suggests, it’s a protocol for transporting messages between two points. Sure, we’ve got Messenger and Skype for that; but what makes MQTT so special is its super lightweight architecture, which is ideal for scenarios where bandwidth is not optimal. Read more

NEW GUIDE: John Park’s NES Cart RetroPie Game Console @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

In this new guide, you’ll learn to re-purpose an old game cartridge to build a retro, stylish enclosure and hand grip for a tiny-yet-awesome RetroPie gaming console! All based on a Raspberry Pi Zero and the Joy Bonnet for plug-and-play controls. The Pi Zero-based RetroPie has enough power to run emulators for GameBoy, NES, Atari 2600, and even SNES! Plus, you can decorate them however you like, and they’re cheap... Read more

Canonical Starts Work on a Linux 4.12 Kernel for Ubuntu 17.10 for Raspberry Pi 2

Canonical on Wednesday announced that the Ubuntu Kernel Team had started work on a Linux 4.12-based kernel for the Raspberry Pi 2 variant of the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system. We’ve already told you a few weeks ago that Canonical’s Ubuntu Kernel Team plans to ship Ubuntu 17.10 with the Linux 4.13 kernel by default, and work on that front already started. They’re currently following the development cycle... Read more

Automated Home

In this project I created an automated home using Arduino. Gather Materials Arduino Uno 12V Battery DC Motor Fan Ultrasonic Distance Sensor FSR Force Plate Wires Breadboard x2 MOSFET x4 LED x3MDF Board Resistors x2 Temperature Sensor Diode LDR Do the Wiring Wire up the breadboards accordin…By: shahn31 Read more

Queercon’s Tech Badge Will Make You Love Cubism #WearableWednesday #wearabletech #Defcon #art

Reports from DEFCON continue, including one about this spectacular badge from Queercon. According to Hackaday’s post, Queercon is well known for its artistic badges repping the LGBTQ community at the hacker convention. The obvious fun on this badge is the tiny matrix of LEDs, lending itself to fun text or patterns (want!). Hackaday offers some detail on the build. Instead of going with WS2812s or APA101s, the Queercon badge team... Read more

The CNC Wood Burner turning heads (and wood, obviously)

Why stick to conventional laser cutters or CNC machines for creating images on wood, when you can build a device to do the job that is a beautiful piece of art in itself? Mechanical and Computer Science student and Imgur user Tucker Shannon has created a wonderful-looking CNC Wood Burner using a Raspberry Pi and stepper motors. His project has a great vinyl-turntable-like design. Tucker’s somewhat hypnotic build burns images... Read more