Monitoring a Greenhouse with Ubuntu @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Nice project + write-up from Jamie Bennett up on LinuxUK. There are a wide range of solutions on the market today to help the avid gardener with their plants, some are low tech battery-less meters designed to give you a simple view of how your plant is doing, others are much more high-tech (and expensive). Two of the most important variables to monitor in a greenhouse are temperature and humidity,... Read more

Landscaping Lights #FeatherHUZZAH #Neopixels #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

From tyczj on If you ever wanted something other than plain old landscaping lights that are only one color then this project might interest you. This project grow out of me wanting to experiment with Google Cloud’s IoT core while starting to create/build my own smart home system for my house. The first part of this project is setting up and account with Google Cloud and enabling App Engine,... Read more

3 predictions for IoT in 2018

The Internet of Things has taken the global tech industry by storm in recent years. The idea, in its simplest form, is the mass interconnectivity of billions of devices. All of this is in the hope that it creates a massive network of devices in constant communication with each other. Why would this network be important? Because it has the potential to completely revolutionize how we interact with tech and... Read more

IOT Blink

Anyone who’s started learning about microcontrollers and code could tell you that a good place to start is by looking at the most basic example sketches provided. As often times their simplicity can teach you a lot more than you think. With the Arduino, one of my favorite examples is the blink sketc…By: appshed Read more


本サイトに投稿した「Pointer Robot With Raspberry Pi and Arduino」の日本語版です(現状は骨子のみですが…)。【動画 1】概要 :英語版(*) の方をChromeやFirefox等のブラウザで開いてGoogle翻訳すると、実用上ほぼ問題ない日本語で読むことができます。今後、こちらの日本語版の方も完成に向けて進めて行く予定ですが、お急ぎの方は英語版の方をご覧ください。なお、英語版は幾つかコンテストにエントリーしてます。気に入っていただけたら投票いただけると幸いです。(*) 英語版はこちら: ラズベリーパイとArduinoを補完活用する 誤解を恐…By: ArduinoDeXXX Read more