This Kit Hopes to Make Tech Easy for Performers #WearableWednesday #wearabletech #tech #art

A new nonprofit in France is working on a kit to make wearable tech easy for performing artists. WearKit is a system of modules that can be used by artists and designers to engage kinetic movement in an outfit or to collect body metrics to share with other modules. The system will be app based, allowing users to set parameters between modules easily without knowledge of coding. The organization leads... Read more

Useful Security and Privacy Tips for Google Home and Amazon Echo Users

Google Home and Amazon Echo are some of the most promising technologies we have today. After smartphones, they are the next big avenues for voice assistants. And they are useful devices to have around, whether to check on the weather or to order a pizza or a taxi. But it can also feel a little frightening to have a smart device in your house that is always listening. What does it... Read more

An Arduino timer answer, probably

I have been trying to work out how to use the the timers within 8bit AVR processors through the Arduino IDE, but in modes not covered by the IDE. Lots of people have put up code, often two or three lines, but I have had trouble getting the code to work properly. In particular, the … This story continues at An Arduino timer answer, probably Or just coverage at Electronics... Read more

Button SHIM review

The Button SHIM from Pimoroni (£6/$7) adds five buttons and an LED to your Raspberry Pi. So far, so simple. What’s neat about it is that it gives you full use of all of your Pi’s pins. The GPIO pins poke through the SHIM so you can get to them. Most obviously, that means you can use the Button SHIM to add some input controls to an electronics project. If... Read more