Fake Flames

Materials:pieces of cardboard hot glue 3-D printer Dc Motor led power bank arduino uno transparency film wood strips tissue markers Alligator clip wiresJumper cablesMuscles Making the Frame Make a rectangle of wood strips, and hot glue the film to it. hot glue on the spare cardboard, fasten all…By: jack.fentonwn Read more

Arduino As a Cheap Breadboard FPGA

Designing hardware logic circuits can be fun. The old school way to do this was with NAND gates, on a bread board, wired up with jumper wires. This is still possible, but it doesn’t take much before the number of gates gets out of hand. A newer option is to use an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array…By: JeremyW96 Read more

Sleep Reader Headband #WearableWednesday

From KalebB23 on Instructables Have you ever wondered how you sleep at night? Devices like FitBit track sleep by analyzing your movement throughout the night, but they can’t look at what your brain is doing. After a semester of learning about medical instrumentation, our class was challenged with the task of creating a wearable device to measure some biological variable. My partner and I chose to develop a headband that... Read more

Linux-Friendly Arduino Simplifies IoT Development

Arduino’s support for Linux IoT devices and single-board computers (SBCs) announced at the Embedded Linux Conference+Open IoT Summit NA in March cemented Arduino’s focus on cloud-connected IoT development, extending its reach into edge computing. This move was likely driven by multiple factors — increased complexity of IoT solutions and, secondarily, by more interest in Arduino boards running Linux. Read more

BWOOM Mask Reimagined + Arduino

BWOOM Mask is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. Unlike most art, it was designed to be used in African masquerades. The mask was used in dance and other rituals and shook back and forth on a person’s face making its mobile appearance differ from its stationary one. Using p…By: Pib2 Read more

37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

At Geeky Gadgets Deals there’s an interesting deal for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts: the 37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi. You can choose between two different kits: $79.99 – 37 Sensors Starter Kit $129.99 – 37 Sensors Starter Kit + Pi 3B included The Internet of Things fun and opportunity with Raspberry Pi is virtually limitless — but […] Read more

Arduino MKR Cap Rail Mount

The new Arduino MKR series sets up a standard about form factor, function and performance for Arduino boards in the future. These new boards comes in a compact shape, with a powerful 32 bit Cortex M0 micocontroller Atmel SAM D21 and a charger function for LiPo accumulators. Furthermore Arduin…By: harty123 Read more