Weightless SIG appoints Applus+ as testing lab

Weightless SIG has named Applus+ as its official testing and certification laboratory for wireless devices which use Weightless connectivity technology. Applus+ will additionally provide development support services to Weightless technology adopters as part of its new IoT Lab offering. Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG commented “Applus are an excellent partner for Weightless, … This story continues at Weightless SIG appoints Applus+ as testing lab Or just coverage... Read more

IoT prototyping board for Raspberry Pi has a mobile/cloud IFTTT app

GraspIO’s “Cloudio” IoT prototyping add-on board for the Raspberry Pi includes a 1-inch OLED display, sensors, 6x I/Os, and a servo, and is controlled using a mobile/cloud-based drag-and-drop app with IFTTT and voice support. Bangalore (Bengaluru), India based GraspIO (Grasp IO Innovations) has partnered with Premier Farnell to manufacturer and distribute its new Cloudio prototyping […] Read more

New edge computing platform helps industry handle IIoT data

Growing amounts of data from Industrial Internet of Things devices is placing increased strain on conventional network infrastructure. One way of dealing with this is to move computing resources closer to the edge, and Stratus Technologies is launching a new virtualized and self-protecting edge computing platform that’s specifically designed for industrial environments. Called ztC Edge, it’s aimed at significantly reducing the IT burden for virtualized computing. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring... Read more

Ricoh launches Buck DC/DC Converter with 144 nA quiescent current

Ricoh has launched the R1800 Buck DC/DC Converter, designed for use in energy harvesting devices. Target applications include wearables for sports and healthcare, wireless sensors and IoT devices. This is a DC/DC converter collecting energy generated from a photovoltaic or vibration energy harvester cell and stores it in a super capacitor or rechargeable battery. An … This story continues at Ricoh launches Buck DC/DC Converter with 144 nA quiescent current... Read more