Image Recognition using Alexa Voice and Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

via Raspberry Pi Pod Ken Walker has developed an Alexa skill which uses a Raspberry Pi and camera to take a picture and then use APIs and online services to determine what the camera can see. The Alexa device (say, an Echo) then reads out what the camera saw. Called SeeTalker, the Raspberry Pi side is constructed using a Touchscreen and Camera Module and encased inside a SmartiPi case. !... Read more

Raspberry Pi Terminal Sharing #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

From Pi My Life Up: In this Raspberry Pi terminal sharing tutorial, we are going to show you how to utilize a software package called tmate so that you can share your terminal with other computers, even when you are behind a firewall. While the Raspberry Pi comes with VNC which allows you to share your desktop with other computers, it does not come with any methods to just share... Read more

Pushing AI Performance Benchmarks to the Edge

As I discussed recently, the AI industry is developing benchmarking suites that will help practitioners determine the target environment in which their machine learning, deep learning or other statistical models might perform best. Increasingly, these frameworks are turning their focus to benchmarking AI workloads that run on edge devices, such as “internet of things” endpoints, smartphones and embedded systems. Read more

General Purpose I/O: How to get more

The first program anyone writes for a microcontroller is the blinking LED which involves toggling a general-purpose input/output (GPIO) on and off. Consequently, the same GPIO can be used to read digital bits as well. A traditional microcontroller like the 8051 is available in DIP packages ranging from 20 pins to 40 pins. Some trade the number of GPIOs for compactness while other devices offer a larger number of GPIOs... Read more

Firmware tool aims to speed STM32-based IoT sensor design

STMicroelectronics’ AlgoBuilder tool is designed to simplify firmware development by letting users build sensor-control algorithms graphically with library modules, ready to compile and run on an STM32 microcontroller. To build algorithms designers can drag and drop selected functions, connecting the blocks, and configuring properties. The tool validates all design rules and automatically generates C code … This story continues at Firmware tool aims to speed STM32-based IoT sensor design Or... Read more

Creative and Interactive Robotics Chat @Hackadayio @hackaday @adafruit

Creative and Interactive Robotics Chat @ Ladyada will be hosting the Hack Chat on Friday, June 22, 2018 at noon PDT / 3pm EDT. CRICKIT is an add-on to Adafruit’s Circuit Playground that lets you Make a Robot using CircuitPython, MakeCode, Arduino, etc.. robotics, arts, crafts, audio animatronics, sensors, agriculture/robot farming, physical computing, kinetic sculptures, science experiments, telescope control… Details & more here. The chat room will be here ( Read more