Embedded World: Wi-Fi chip runs from a battery for months

Silicon Labs revealed a Wi-Fi transceiver which consumes so little that it can be used in battery powered IoT sensor nodes, for example. Revealed at Embedded World, the WFM200 system-in-package (SiP, 6.5 x 6.5mm LGA52) consumes 200µA (average, delivery traffic indication message (DTIM)= 3). “We’ve delivered the first low-power Wi-Fi portfolio designed specifically for the … This story continues at Embedded World: Wi-Fi chip runs from a battery for months... Read more

RS sells PSoC 6 dev kit for IoT with Click board expansion

RS Components has worked with Cypress Semiconductor and MikroElektronika to offer a prototyping kit for Cypress’ PSoC 6 microcontrollers. Called the Clicker 2 development kit, it will be marketed exclusively through RS. The board contains a PSoC 63 Connectivity Line device, which is Bluetooth 5 compliant. Two separate mikroBUS interface headers support expansion using MikroElektronika … This story continues at RS sells PSoC 6 dev kit for IoT with Click... Read more

A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard

In this Instructables I am going to explain about my new project called ” A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard” .It is a Arduino based small physical device used to simplify your different keyboard operations.You plugs it into your computer usb port and touch it on the capacitive touch sensor,the sensor c…By: AmalMathew Read more

No Vibranium Required for Nakia’s Weapons from Black Panther

Nakia isn’t a Dora Milaje in Black Panther, but that doesn’t mean she’s unarmed. Shuri gives her vibranium chakrams to use, and they have the signature blue glow of the metal. Maker GiveWave Studios made one of the weapons using blue LEDs in place of vibranium, and they’re a fine substitute. The above video shows a timelapse for constructing the chakram, soldering and adding the electronics, and assembling all the... Read more

Host your own email with projectx/os and a Raspberry Pi

There are plenty of reasons not to want to hand off the tasks of storing your data and running your services to third-party companies; privacy, ownership, and avoiding abusive “monetization” are some of the top ones. But for most people, the task of running a server is just too time-consuming and requires too much-specialized knowledge. Instead, we compromise. We put aside our worries and just use cloud-hosted corporate services, with all the... Read more