Secure-K is the most advanced live operating system: an extremely secure and full-featured portable operating system which runs on any computer and boots from a military-grade USB key with both hardware and software encryption. This paradigm allows you to carry your own workbench (programs and data) with you, in a hardware encrypted USB key, and in the same way to be able to use a clean and secure operating system for online transactions and for every security-critical activity.

Secure-K, the most asvanced live linux operating system

Secure-K features:

  • encrypted data persistence,
  • UEFI compatibility,
  • data exchange partition readable by all the operating systems (including Windows, which usually cannot read multi-partitioned keys),
  • complete system and kernel updates (this is a world premire for a ISO live system).


Instant WebKiosk is designed for secure web kiosks and multi-user web workstations deployments (libearies, cafes, public internet browsing places) where people can surf the web with a normal browser. It’s not intended for digital signage because browser view is not fullscreen and it allows users interaction. It’s a “live”, browser-only operating system. Please have a look at the home page for more informations.