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A complete, plug-and-play solution for your personal data cloud, a Raspberry Pi-powered ownCloud 9.1.1 installation.

Useful for owning your cloud storage or automatically backing up Dropbox or Google Drive data to an external USB hard drive (the latter use simply requires you to select the Dropbox/Gdrive folder as the ownCloud sync-folder; see FAQ page for more).

With the UpnP/DLNA streaming plugin, Raspberry ownCloud is also able to stream your sync-folder-contained media files to DLNA players (smartphones, PCs, network media players)!

Easy to install and use

First ever boot steps:

  • Plug a (NTFS formatted) USB hard drive into the Raspberry Pi (1).
  • Plug a network cable into the R-Pi and connect the Raspberry to an output screen (which is needed only for the first boot)(2).
  • Boot the Raspberry Pi.
  • Connect your desktop ownCloud client to the local network address and login with the credentials shown on screen.
  • Your local ownCloud folder content will be synchronized (copied and keep mirrored) with the USB device content.

(1) NTFS filesystem is readable by all OS and USB hard drives come formatted this way.
(2) configure your router to reserve the DHCP address to the R-Pi or set a static IP (see FAQ).


Then (following boots):

  • Keep USB device and network cable connected to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Your ownCloud folder content is always synchronized with the USB device’s.