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Raspberry WebKiosk for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 boards can be downloaded from Sourceforge.
Please read installations instructions below and FAQ page, first.

Note that Raspberry WebKiosk is not intended for digital signage deployments because the browser view is not fullscreen and system allows users’ interaction. For digital signage installations, please have a look at Raspberry Digital Signage instead.


In order to write the ISO file (extract it from the downloaded ZIP file, first) to the Raspberry SD card (4GB minimum), Windows users can use Win32DiskImager, while Linux users can make use of dd and Mac OS X users should follow this guide. A SDHC class 10 card is highly recommended.

Help with Win32DiskImager can be found on Sabayon website or on YouTube.
Open files with *.* mask.

Help with dd (run as root or with sudo) follows:

  • insert the SD card into your PC;
  • tail -f /var/log/messages or tail -f /var/log/syslog or fdisk -l for locating the assigned device file, for example: /dev/sdx (change for your case);
  • umount /dev/sdx1; umount /dev/sdx2;
  • dd if=path/to/imageFile.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M (dd always refers to the whole disk, so do not use /dev/sdx1 for example).

Once you have successfully written the ISO file to the SD, you have to plug the card into the R-Pi and restart.

During everyday usage, if you intend to power the Pi off I strongly advide you to do via SSH or to schedule a cronjob which will turn off the Pi gracefully.


Old Raspberry issues

Some old R-Pis have hardware problems so that they cannot support SD cards bigger than 16GB.

The following messages:

[fail] startpar: service(s) returned failure: rc.local ... failed!
INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

are harmless warnings and hide an error condition if and only if the system refuses to continue loading. In this case, please follow writing instructions more carefully and/or try with a different SD-card.

Louis DeRobertis reports that some HDMI to VGA converters do not give enough power to the screen.



If you like this project please donate (no deploy limit, no serials, no hardware check).

Donors’ installations feature:

  • customizable home page;
  • SSH remote management with modifiable root password;
  • PDF files support;
  • whole Chromium home directory can be made persistent by the administrator (password protected feature); this means that all the modifies you bring to Chromium will be saved (remember that normally after the reboot, Chromium browser will be kept back to the default state);
  • customizable HTTP proxy settings;
  • screensaver, which can be enabled or disabled;
  • optional reload browser timeout after specified user inactivity – it resets browser at default values, erasing all users settings and downloads.

Once donation is done I’ll give you the software download URL via e-mail within 12 hours. Please double check that your PayPal email address is valid. Feel free to drop me a mail if you wish a feature to be added; if useful I’ll take into account for the next release.