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Safe Internet for kids is an operating system designed for protecting kids' and teenagers' browsing experience from the dangers of the Internet: only content suitable for them will be displayed, while inappropriate content will be completely filtered.

Internet resources containing topics related to any form of adult content, abortion, violence, sect and dating are filtered, together with malware or virus-infected sites. Every effort has been done and will be done in future releases to refine this total block.

Safe Internet for kids is based on WebXperience OS (it has all its features plus content filtering - see link for tech details), so:

  • it is an easy, browser-only operating system: only the browser interface will show up. Children and teenagers spend all of their Internet time on one only program, the browser, Googling, chatting on Facebook, listening to music on YouTube and emailing. Why confusing them with a complete operating system?

  • all system configuration is done via an user-friendly web interface; nothing else required;

  • it does not require installation (it is a so called "live" operating system), so there is no need for buying a PC for kids. Fathers, just insert a USB key onto your PC and it will be ready for your sons! No informations will be saved on hard disk; just remove the key and reboot to access your untouched Windows desktop again. Safe Internet for kids is an extremely secure, hacker-proof operating system, due to its "live" nature;

  • it is complete: Safe Internet for kids features audio support, video files support, Adobe Flash support, PDF and images viewing and compressed files support; it also features full internationalization. It supports printing (plug&print for most common USB printers) and both wired and wireless networks (for Linux Debian supported hardware) in order to access the Internet.

See download page for info about Safe Internet for kids.