Secure-K OS

Secure-K Lite 17.12 “Amber Ale” for i386/x64 PC
Security & Privacy oriented encrypted Live Operating System for everyone

Secure-K OS is an advanced Linux-based Live USB operating system built for security and ease of use: user and system data are saved encrypted within the USB key (they persist into a 512bit AES-encrypted partition) and anti-tampering measures are performed during the bootstrap, so the system can be used as a clean and safe environment for security-critical activities. Moreover Secure-K does not rely on the PC hard drive and, being a Linux derivative, it’s immune to most viruses and it’s spyware / adware / backdoor free.

Secure-K OS 17.12 “Amber Ale” is based on Debian Jessie with kernel branch 4.9 and features a GNOME 3.14 desktop environment.

Secure-K OS features a unique partitioning scheme, which allows kernel update and a cleartext data exchange partition. GRUB is the bootloader for both BIOS and UEFI; the Linux Foundation’s preloader assures the Secure Boot compliance.

Unique system features are:

  • encrypted persistence;
  • complete system and kernel updates (live ISO 9660 filesystem);
  • anti-tampering measures are performed during the bootstrap;
  • unencrypted key’s partition for data exchange;
  • high boot / hardware compatibility (Legacy, EFI, UEFI, Secure Boot);
  • user creation wizard upon the first boot.

A “security for everyone” area (Secure-Zone) is also available, which allows:

  • anonymous browsing;
  • encrypted textual, audio and video chat;
  • encrypted and signed emails exchange with ease: a program called Key Manager is able to generate and exchange GPG keys with a central Mon-K keyserver. This allows everyone running a Secure-K to send encrypted emails to another Secure-K user without manually retrieving the GPG key: process is done automatically by the modified Evolution email client build, which runs on top of every Secure-K OS.

Unique user-level features are:

  • the aforementioned Secure-Zone;
  • Backup & Restore – an optional encrypted real-time system backup is available: workbench can be restored to a new USB key, useful in case of key theft or loss. Backup is performed into the Secure-K cloud.

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