Vulkan update: merged to Mesa

Today we have another guest post from Igalia’s Iago Toral, who has spent the past year working on the Mesa graphic driver stack for Raspberry Pi 4. Four months ago we announced that work on the Vulkan effort for Raspberry Pi 4 (v3dv) was progressing well, and that we were moving the development to an open repository. vkQuake3 on Raspberry Pi 4 This week, the Vulkan driver for Raspberry Pi... Read more

Windows 10 IoT Core Timelapse Camera Applications

  I wanted to do timelapse video of some plants growing in a pot on my window sill so I wrote Windows 10 IoT Core Universal Windows Platform (UWP) background task to capture images and store them to the local file system of a Raspberry Pi or DragonBoard 410C devices. The first version was pretty rough so for the next one I moved all the […] The post Windows 10 IoT Core Timelapse Camera Applications appeared first on Open Electronics.... Read more

Farnell launches Raspberry Pi Compute Model 4

Today, Farnell launches the new Compute Module 4 (CM4) from Raspberry Pi. The CM4 brings the power of the Raspberry Pi 4 to the compute module family and is accompanied by two accessories, the Compute Module 4 I/O (CM4IO) Board and the Compute Module 4 Antenna Kit. CM4 is a faster and more powerful System … This story continues at Farnell launches Raspberry Pi Compute Model 4 Or just coverage... Read more

Blade Runner Inspired Instrument Pascal2049 Responds To Atmospheric Pressure and Touch #MusicMonday

Blade Runner continues to inspire design and sound decades after it was released. gilou gilou has made an instrument that takes its visual inspiration from both Blade Runner. Here’s more from gilou gilou:I made an inflatable instrument (Named Pascal2049). It’s a atmospheric pressure sensitive controler for analog synthesisers and Eurorack. It’s a first version and I may improve it in the future. For the look I was inspired by both... Read more

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 on sale now from $25

It’s become a tradition that we follow each Raspberry Pi model with a system-on-module variant based on the same core silicon. Raspberry Pi 1 gave rise to the original Compute Module in 2014; Raspberry Pi 3 and 3+ were followed by Compute Module 3 and 3+ in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Only Raspberry Pi 2, our shortest-lived flagship product at just thirteen months, escaped the Compute Module treatment. It’s been... Read more

Adafruit Weekly Editorial Round-Up: Ada Lovelace Day!, Tombstone Matrix Portal, IoT Air Quality Sensor with Adafruit …

ADAFRUIT WEEKLY EDITORIAL ROUND-UPWe’ve got so much happening here at Adafruit that it’s not always easy to keep up! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be posting a handy round-up of what we’ve been up to, ranging from learn guides to blog articles, videos, and more.BLOGAda Lovelace Day 2020!!This is a day aimed at raising the profile of women in STEM and finding a new generation of... Read more