Embedded Linux joins the Covid-19 battle

Embedded Linux is combating the coronavirus in thermal imaging devices such as the Kogniz’ Health Cam and a Raspberry Pi based FluSense device that analyzes coughs. We also look at open source ventilator projects and products from Aaeon, Advantech, and Seeed. AI surveillance devices that use facial recognition and other technologies to identify and track […] Read more

Building a sensing prosthetic with the Raspberry Pi

What[he]#039[/he]s the first question you ask your surgeon when you[he]#039[/he]re discussing reconstruction options after breast cancer? “How many USB ports can you give me?” is probably not the one that comes to mind for many people! Although the remark was said jokingly, it sparked a thread that would ultimately become SenseBreast—an early prototype of a sensing mastectomy prosthetic, based on open hardware. Read more

Making a Pi Zero Dashcam

We continue with the Pi Zero dashcam project and in this post, we take care of file management while also adding some enhancements in the process. This project is almost complete and we will be carrying out road tests in next week’s post/video. More info The post Making a Pi Zero Dashcam appeared first on Open Electronics. The author is Emanuele Signoretta Read more

How to Set Up Spotify Connect on the Raspberry Pi

Spotify has a huge collection of music and gives users plenty of options for streaming their favorite tracks: you can enjoy Spotify via your web browser or by installing the dedicated smartphone or desktop application. However, these methods don’t always deliver the highest sound quality. Spotify Connect aims to solve this problem by making it possible to play all your favorite tunes via any compatible wireless product, including standalone speakers... Read more

Most Read articles – Ventilators, Raspberry Pi, GPS III

There’s the effects of Covid-19 on the electronics market, UK engineers helping to build ventilators, network attached storage with the Raspberry Pi, 3D printable face masks and Raytheon winning a Space Force contract for the Operational Control System to support GPS III. This story continues at Most Read articles – Ventilators, Raspberry Pi, GPS III Or just coverage at Electronics Weekly Read more

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Smart Doorbell #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Awesome video doorbell solution from Hacker Shack on Hackster.io. The DIY nature of the Raspberry Pi gives you more control over your privacy compared to some of the off the shelf smart doorbells.Need another way to social distance yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak? Make this smart doorbell system so that you don’t have to interact with guests at your front door. The system can also be used as smart intercom... Read more