Fishino Shark: arduino like board with 32-bit, WiFi, audio codec, sd card, battery charger – The software

  A new Arduino-like board ready to “devour” the competitors: not surprisingly, it was called Shark. Let’s see how to use it. Second and last episode. Read the first post about Fishino Shark The sea of Fishino, our series of prototyping boards compatible with the Arduino family, has recently completed its population: as we have […] Read more

Raspberry Pi based audio DAC board starts at $225

Orchard Audio’s $225 “PecanPi” audio DAC add-on for the Raspberry Pi and $400, Pi-equipped [he]#8220[/he]Streamer[he]#8221[/he] system features 24-bit, 192kHz sampling, 130dB SNR, and -110dB THD+N. Orchard Audio has opened pre-orders on a next-gen PecanPi audio DAC board for the Raspberry Pi that replaces its earlier, Kickstarter backed ApplePi DAC. The $225 PecanPi DAC offers modest [[he]#8230[/he]] Read more

A Pi-powered Plan 9 cluster

Plan 9 from Bell Labs comes from the same stable as the UNIX operating system, which of course Linux was designed after, and Apple’s OS X runs on top of a certified UNIX operating system. Just like UNIX, Plan 9 was developed as a research OS — a vehicle for trying out new concepts — with it building on key UNIX principles and taking the idea of devices are just... Read more