How to setup AMule and control it via web interface on a Raspberry Pi

AMule is a p2p, open source client for the eD2k network. Released under the GPL license, it supports a lot of platforms and operating systems. In this tutorial we will see how to install a minimal, headless version of AMule on Raspbian “Stretch”, the latest version of the official Raspberry Pi OS. We will see how to setup the amule-daemon and adjust the firewall rules in order to control it... Read more

Object storage: A better way to scale big data environments than traditional HDFS-based Hadoop

With technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and advanced analytics hitting a critical mass, it’s no surprise that the big data market continues to grow rapidly. According to a forecast by Statista, the big data market reached $42 billion dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach $64 billion by 2021. Big data presents major opportunities for organizations to gain new insights, deliver better products and improve operations, but... Read more

4 of the Best Lightweight Operating Systems for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a super-affordable single board computer that be can be used for a variety of different projects. Some of the most popular uses of the Raspberry Pi are to turn it into a dedicated media player with OSMC or a videogame emulation machine with RetroPie or Recalbox. Given the versatility of the Raspberry Pi, some have wondered if it could replace a traditional desktop computer. While the... Read more

pi-top adds functionality to Raspberry Pi 4

pi-top [4] adds functionalities to Raspberry Pi 4. “There are areas of endeavour that pi-top has been involved in, particularly around displays, keyboards, batteries and the like which we haven’t explored,” says Raspberry Pi founder and CEO Eben Upton, “it’s ’s been wonderful to see an organisation do that, take on those challenges and vanquish … This story continues at pi-top adds functionality to Raspberry Pi 4 Or just coverage... Read more

Official Raspberry Pi OS Updated with Raspberry Pi 4 Support, Based on Debian 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced today the release of a new version of the official operating system for the tiny Raspberry Pi single-board computers to support their latest Raspberry Pi 4 release. With the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4 SBC series, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new version of Raspbian OS, the official Raspberry Pi operating system based on the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution. This release adds numerous... Read more

Raspberry Pi 4 is here!

                Yes! The Raspberry Pi 4 is out with new features (and 4Gb of RAM). Here the info from official site by Eben Upton: We have a surprise for you today: Raspberry Pi 4 is now on sale, starting at $35. This is a comprehensive upgrade, touching almost every […] Read more