How to Set Up Raspberry Pi OS on a Raspberry Pi

The Debian-based Rasperry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) is optimized to run on Raspberry Pi’s hardware. It bundles a lot of really useful software to help you get started. This makes it a great go-to OS for Pi consumers at any experience level. Installing Raspberry Pi OS has always been pretty straightforward, but it’s only gotten easier with the 2020 release of the Raspberry Pi Imager. Here we will show... Read more

6558 programs from young people have run on the ISS for Astro Pi 2019/20!

The team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with ESA Education, is excited to announce that all of this year’s successful Astro Pi programs have now run aboard the International Space Station (ISS)! Record numbers of young people took part in Astro Pi Mission Zero This year, a record 6350 teams of students and young people from all 25 eligible countries successfully entered Mission Zero, and they had their... Read more

IoT IP integrates RF and baseband for 802.11ax – Wi-Fi 6

Imagination ‘s latest IP delivers  integrated RF and baseband, designed for low-power and battery-powered applications such as the IoT, wearables and hearables. iEW400 is based on the latest IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard, bringing improved robustness, throughput and power-saving through a range of new features, including: 20/40MHz operation: Enables low-data-rate applications to conserve battery power Target Wake … This story continues at IoT IP integrates RF and baseband for 802.11ax – Wi-Fi... Read more

Leo: the Pet Cat

A cool cat robot shared by RoboAbrar on instructables.This is my first instructables. The first version of “Sony Aibo Robot (1999)” attracted me towards robotics at the age of four, ever-since, it was my dream to make a pet robot for me. So i came up with “Leo: the Pet Cat” which can be built at home at a low budget. I was inspired by the projects “KITtyBot” (… )... Read more

The Most Anticipated Game Releases of June 2020

Two months ago, the June 2020 game releases definitely didn’t look so good as it does now. Sony delayed the launch of The Last of Us Part II, but backtrack on its decision only a few weeks later, which is why June is now one of the most important months for PlayStation 4 players. The month of June kicks off with Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, which is scheduled for... Read more

Let’s make art at home this week

Digital Making at Home: Make art Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Help us reach a wider audience by translating our video content: Buy a Raspbe… Digital Making at Home is a program which encourages young people to code and share along with us, featuring weekly themed content, code-along videos, livestreams, and more! This week, we’re exploring making art with code. Many young makers are no stranger to making... Read more

How to Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Music Server with Volumio

Fancy turning your Raspberry Pi into a music server where you can play any track, from any device on your network, plus content from popular music streaming websites? You’ll learn below how to transform your Raspberry Pi into a high-quality home music system, using Volumio. Once you have Volumio set up on your Raspberry Pi, you’ll be able to stream all the major music formats, including FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC,... Read more