Time to say goodbye to @Arduino and go on to Micropython / @Adafruit #CircuitPython ? by @spiessa

Time to Say Goodbye to Arduino and Go On to Micropython/ Adafruit Circuitpython? (video) – Python seems to be the fastest growing programming language. It is also widely used to program Raspberry Pis, and it is on the verge to become available on our small microcontrollers. Has the time come to leave the Arduino IDE and go on? Time for a closer look. Topics covered: – Language (Micropython/ Adafruit CircuitPython... Read more

Energy Saver 3000

Adrien Green, Huy Tran, Jody WalkerThe use of a Raspberry Pi computer and Matlab is a simple and effective way to help homeowners reduce there energy consumption. The best part about the Energy Saver 3000 is that it is very simple to set up and use. The main purpose of the Energy Saver 3000 is to al…By: mnt101 Read more