The computing systems of up to eight different banks from Eastern Europe were successfully infiltrated and compromised during a cyber attack operation dubbed DarkVishnya by Kaspersky Lab’s research team.
Between 2017 and 2018, Kaspersky’s security specialists were hired by the compromised banks which lost tens of millions of dollars during the attacks to research the methods used by the crooks to penetrate their security defenses.As the security researchers found out, the cybercriminals planted netbooks or inexpensive laptops, Raspberry Pi computers, or Bash Bunny devices within the banks’ networks, which they later accessed via GPRS/3G/LTE mobile data connections.
The attackers used three-staged attacks to get inside the banks’ security fortifications, to harvest all the data needed to steal their money, and to get out with the bounty undetected.
In the first stage, the DarkVishnya hackers dropped the devi… () // Read more: original article.