This is the sad story of a fake SD card from eBay. I’ve used eBay since 2001 and used it to buy and sell thousands of items. As a Raspberry Pi fan I’ve bought cases, electronic components, sensors, tools, screens and fixings. The one item I’ve always avoided like the plague are SD cards or any form of flash media.
In order to demonstrate to friends and family why I never buy SD cards from eBay I decided to buy an SD card from eBay.
Although many people reading this will know these cards are fake lots of people will not. The sales figures for these items show that hundreds of people are buying them. This article is an attempt to raise awareness and maybe one day eBay will do something about it.
Finding a Fake SD Card to Buy
I didn’t spend long choosing an item to purchase. Any 128GB card advertised for … // Read more: original article.