From the GitHub release page:
This is CircuitPython 8.0.0-beta.1, a beta release for 8.0.0. It is relatively stable, but there will be further additions and fixes before final release.
Notable changes to 8.0.0 since 7.3.0

Added WiFi workflow with browser-based device discovery, filesystem browsing, upload, download, file editing, serial/REPL connection.
Added a one-line status bar, which displays connection status, last exception, and version on a terminal window title or on the top line of an attached display. Support for status bar display is also being added to the Mu and Thonny editors.

.env file in CIRCUITPY specifies WiFI connection parameters, BLE name, and other startup values.

dotenv support: os.getenv() values can be set in the .env file.
Preliminary implementation of WiFi on the Pi Pico W.
Revised Espressif camera support, now available on ESP32, ESP32-S2, and ESP32-S3.
Bulk analog input: analogbufio (available only on RP2040 for now).
Pin state can be preserved during deep sleep (available only on Espressif for … // Read more: original article.

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