Playing animated GIFs was added to CircuitPython in early 2023 and I had successfully had them running on TFT displays and even to a monitor via HDMI. I recently setup my MatrixPortal and two 64 32 matrices that I had been using to show animated GIFs. But the MatrixPortal was running Arduino code.
Time for an update and to take the code from Using Animated GIF Files in CircuitPython and Creating Projects with-the CircuitPython MatrixPortal Library and smush them together to play animated GIFs on a MatrixPortal with CircuitPython. Both guides do a great job of explaining the details of their own area and the code here combines them both.
The first half of the code sets up the matrix on DisplayIO and the second half uses OnDiskGif from the gifio module to display the animated GIF.
The code displays all GIFs found in the /gifs/ directory on the MatrixPortal. Each animated GIF … // Read more: original article.

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