The OSMC (formerly RaspBMC) Linux Media Center operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux received a new major update that brings a great number of improvements and bug fixes.
For those unfamiliar with OSMC, it’s an open-source and free GNU/Linux distro for embedded devices, based on the popular Kodi Media Center. It’s main design goal is to be one of the best solutions for transforming small appliances into low-cost HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) systems.
The latest release, OSMC 2017.04-1 is here with UUID support and better boot times for OSMC installations based on Raspberry Pi Foundation’s NOOBS images, better HEVC playback performance on Raspberry Pi SBCs, Live TV audio passthrough support on Vero 2, as well as Btrfs file system improvements for Vero 4K.Introducing user-space cryptographic API for Raspberry Pi
Among other improvements implemented in the OSMC 2017.04-1… ()

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