Over the autumn term, we’ll be launching three brand-new, free online courses on the FutureLearn platform. Wherever you are in the world, you can learn with us for free!
The course presenters are Pi Towers residents Mark, Janina, and Eirini
Design and Prototype Embedded Computer Systems
The first new course is Design and Prototype Embedded Computer Systems, which will start on 28 October. In this course, you will discover the product design life cycle as you design your own embedded system!

You’ll investigate how the purpose of the system affects the design of the system, from choosing its components to the final product, and you’ll find out more about the design of an algorithm. You will also explore how embedded systems are used in the world around us. Book your place today!
Programming 103: Saving and Structuring Data
What else would you expect us to call the sequel to Programming 101 and Programming 102? That’s right … // Read more: original article.