A few years ago a video of a killer ski suit with LEDs was everywhere on social media. This week a video of a simpler DIY version surfaced, thanks to Ruth John (@Rumrya). It is simpler, but it does come with a warning, which I’ll explain later. This project stays on budget with a used jacket from Ebay, five meters of Neopixels, an Espruino and some batteries. Ruth’s blog reveals the decisions made for this project, starting with the layout of the LEDs. She originally wanted to use the strips in patterns on the jacket, but realized that there would not be enough length. Having the tech be removable was also part of the checklist, because she didn’t want any hassles at airports. So, the result was a spiral wrap of LEDs leading from the the collar to the bottom pocket. Notice that the strips are on the outside of … // Read more: original article.