For electronics projects, breadboards are often used to create a working prototype. This is the stage where it is okay to have many wires coming from the breadboard, as the main challenge is to see that the prototype does indeed work. After this, you probably want a more tidy layout with perhaps a custom-built PCB (printed circuit board). To add the components such as LEDs or sensors, you will need to be able to melt and apply solder precisely to join parts together. This soldering guide shows you how to solder and solder well, for use in your electronics projects.

What Basic Equipment Do You Need for Soldering?
Extra Tools for Soldering
The Proper Soldering Technique
Safety Concerns and Best Practices
Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: if you are soldering parts to your Raspberry Pi, you will need to get the right case to … // Read more: original article.

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