BlueBorne is a new way of attacking and getting complete control of the desktop, mobile, and IoT platforms using a Bluetooth vulnerability.
Bluetooth is a communication and data exchanging standards that present in pretty much all of the today’s devices. The total number is estimated at over eight billion, which means that there are a lot of targets out there ready to be hacked.
The vulnerability has been identified by a company named Armis Labs, which has detailed all the ways a user can be hacked, no matter the platform they are using. This means that it doesn’t really matter if you’re on a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, not to mention all the mobile variants. Basically, if you have a Bluetooth, you’re exposed.The best protection is updating the OS or closing the Bluetooth
The BlueBorne attack vector allows a hacker to remotely enter your operating system without the need to have it … // Read more: original article.