WestWorld is back to fill the sci-fi hole in your life. If you caught episode 1 you probably noticed the awesome word shirt Marshawn Lynch was wearing. Different words lit up indicating the characters mood. Such a cool idea, I can’t wait to see how the cosplay versions of this work out.C-Net highlighted the shirt and some other not-so-distant-future tech that the show has created.A series of words on the front describe moods like sad, scared, bored and angry. Whatever he feels, the word for that mood lights up white. Throughout most of the episode the word amused is lit.
Later, in a scene where he has to remove someone from a club, Lynch’s character gets punched in the face and the word angry lights up. But when the character fights back the word amused lights back up.! Every Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday here at Adafruit! We’re bringing you the blinkiest, … // Read more: original article.