Microsoft is announcing today that the next version of Windows 10 (currently codenamed Redstone 4) would bring AI and machine learning capabilities for app developers, which technically enables them to offer more advanced functionality that was previously available in the software giant’s software exclusively.
The AI platform Windows developers will be based on pre-trained machine learning models, the company said today at the Windows Developer Day, and can be used on all Windows devices, including PCs, laptops, 2-in-1s, servers, datacenters, HoloLens, and even IoT devices.
Microsoft explains that its machine learning model already uses the latest-generation hardware, but it’s optimized for the “diverse silicon that runs Windows.” This means that Windows 10 apps implementing AI capabilities could run on pretty much any hardware on a Windows 10 system, though for best performance newer hardware is recommended.AI-powered ap… () // Read more: original article.