Developing The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Smartphone

Back in 1982, everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial, E.T., needed to phone home, so an attempt was made, via a coffee can filled with electronics connected to a tinfoil-lined umbrella, and a Speak & Spell. For many of today’s modern makers, that would be an alien concept (not least because it just wouldn’t work). But it’s one Dylan Radcliffe may well have paid some thought to, given his struggles to create a... Read more

Get the Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit and Course Bundle at 85% Off

Are you looking to build your own device with a microcontroller kit? You may want to start your search with Arduino and dip your toes in the water by purchasing the Arduino Uno Starter Kit and Course Bundle, currently on sale. This bundle will give you a starter kit and four courses to help you build your own Internet of Things projects. This course bundle includes the following starter kit... Read more

Mini Car Gate With Arduino

Hey peeps! So, you know how when you drive into a parking lot or garage and you have to stop at a gate? Well, this is a mini version of that gate for matchbox cars or maybe a little bigger than that like I used a little truck. To control this gate, you have a button. When you press the button, the g…By: cobbsaladlove Read more