BrailleBox: Android Things Braille news display

Joe Birch has built a simple device that converts online news stories to Braille, inspired by his family’s predisposition to loss of eyesight. He has based his BrailleBox on Android Things, News API, and a Raspberry Pi 3. The background Braille is a symbol system for people with visual impairment which represents letters and numbers as raised points. Commercial devices that dynamically produce Braille are very expensive, so Joe decided... Read more

First on Showmax

From Mr Robot to The Young Pope to Taboo, Showmax offers subscribers premium content that can’t be found anywhere else. Here are some of the shows that can only be seen on Showmax: Mr. Robot, Season 3 One of the most critically acclaimed US TV shows will see its third season premiere on Showmax only, starting on 12 October, with episodes hitting the platform within 24 hours of the broadcast... Read more

Free IoT sensor nodes raffled by Ruuvi

Ruuvi is encouraging developers top join its IoT design community by offering them the chance to win a new sensor node to hack with. The Finnish firm is holding a weekly raffle for a RuuviTag sensor beacon for new members who have joined in that week. Ruuvi Innovations is a finalist in the Elektra Awards … This story continues at Free IoT sensor nodes raffled by Ruuvi Or just coverage... Read more

Five things we hope Mr. Robot addresses in season three

Try as we might we can’t contain our excitement that Elliot Alderson and the folks at fsociety return this week for what we expect to be another fantastic season. While we love the realistic representation of hacking and how fearless this show is to delve into the nitty gritty of black hat social engineering, we also love how the producers bring current events into the show. So far 2017 has... Read more

Extend Your Knowledge of Robotics with the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle

Have you been wanting to learn more about the word of robotics? This is a great time to dip your toe in the water and test it out, as you can get the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle for one very low price. With this bundle you’ll actually be making robots, not just watching videos or reading about it, real hands-on experience. You’ll make your way through three courses in... Read more

Ford invests in Autonomic to make open-source mobility service platform

Ford has taken a stake in Silicon Valley’s Autonomic to be the basis for the automaker’s future mobility efforts. In its investors report last week, Ford said it had made an investment in Palo Alto-based Autonomic Inc. to build a basis for future iterations of mobility services that will use Ford vehicles, such as its Chariot service that employs Transit vans, as part of the company’s plan to move people... Read more