Solar Tracker

Solar energy is the biggest renewable energy and it is available almost everywhere in the world, purpose of making this project is that solar plates are stationary so plates can not use 100% solar using solar tracker energy production can be increased by 20 to 30 % Componsnts Arduino Nan…By: monusuthar2016 Read more

Severe flaws in DNS app create hacking risk for routers, smartphones, computers, IoT

Google researchers disclosed seven serious flaws in an open-source DNS software package Dnsmasq, which is is commonly preinstalled on routers, servers, smartphones, IoT devices and operating systems such the Linux distributions Ubuntu and Debian. The most severe of the vulnerabilities could be remotely exploited to run malicious code and hijack the device. Read more

GCT offers LTE/Sigfox combo chip for IoT trackers

GCT Semiconductor, 4G mobile chip supplier, has announced an LTE device which will also support the Sigfox wireless IoT interface. A feature of the GDM7243I chip is its low power which will allow it to be used for tracking devices to connect using the Sigfox wireless IoT network for several years without the need for … This story continues at GCT offers LTE/Sigfox combo chip for IoT trackers Or just... Read more

Laser-guarded cookies with Raspberry Pi Zero

Via ESTEFANNIE’S LASER COOKIES GUIDE For those of you wanting to try your hand at building your own Cookie Jar Laser Surveillance Security System, Estefannie has provided a complete guide to talk you through it. Here she goes: First off, you’ll need: 10 lasers 10 photoresistors 10 capacitors 1 Raspberry Pi Zero W 1 buzzer 1 Raspberry Pi Camera Module 12 ft PVC pipes + 4 corners 1 acrylic... Read more

Tiny 4WD robot kit review

If you cast your mind back to issue 51 of the magazine, you’ll remember a robot on the cover that you could make yourself. Its designer, Brian Corteil, has taken the lessons from making that robot to build an all-new improved version, which you can buy directly from his Coretec website. The Tiny 4WD is the end result of this learning process, and is available as a kit that you... Read more

Arduino reborn partners with ARM

Arduino, the developers behind the embedded computing module, have announced a partnership with ARM. In July, the original Arduino founders regained full control of Arduino as a company. Then the search was on for the right technology partner. Massimo Banzi, Arduino co-inventor, writes: “ARM recognized independence as a core value of Arduino. This was very … This story continues at Arduino reborn partners with ARM Or just coverage at Electronics... Read more