Live Stream Your Pets with Linux and YouTube!

Anyone who reads Linux Journal knows about my fascination withbirdwatching. I’ve created my own weatherproof video cameras witha Raspberry Pi. I’ve posted instructions on how to create your ownautomatically updating camera image page with JavaScript. Heck, I evenlearned CSS so I could make a mobile-friendly version of BirdCam thatfilled the screen in landscape mode. Read more

Arm announces Internet of Things security platform

As the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices increases and is projected to reach over 50 billion by 2020, Arm has unveiled a new systems architecture aimed at securing and protecting these devices from being exploited by cyber attackers. The British semiconductor firm unveiled its new Platform Security Architecture (PSA) which is designed to serve as a common industry framework for developers and hardware manufacturers to increase... Read more

Arduino-compatible STEM teaching kit

Intended to help teachers and students to learn about programming, electronics, design, and logic, Grove Zero Kit is a collection of plug-and-play modules, each including a pre-configured microcontroller, from Seed Studio. The modules are colour-coded according to function, such as sensor input or LED output, and snap together via magnetic connectors that allow students to … This story continues at Arduino-compatible STEM teaching kit Or just coverage at Electronics Weekly Read more

How to Install Mycroft AI Assistant On Raspberry Pi

Personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home are extremely popular right now, and interest is only growing. It’s not too hard to envision a near future where just about every home has its own AI assistant. What if you don’t want a huge corporation having a direct line into your home? Maybe you want to build your own to understand how they work? Mycroft is the solution. Mycroft is an... Read more

Plant Waterer

Like me, always forgetting to water your plants and always end up with a pile of brown leaves? salvation is here! this device waters your plants once the soil gets too dry. Required Components – Arduino Nano- 1x transistor BC547B- 1x relay 5V- 1x resistor 1,5 …By: 0927522 Read more