Security, connectivity and data analysis are top IoT developer concerns

A new survey of IoT developers reveals their top concerns are security (38 percent of respondents), connectivity (21 percent), and data collection and analysis (19 percent). Performance (18 percent), privacy (18 percent), and standards (16 percent) are also areas cited as particularly challenging. These findings come from The Eclipse Foundation which has surveyed more than 1,700 developers via its IoT Working Group. “This year’s survey results reflect the opportunities and... Read more

Tact switch is small for IoT

C&K has announced a sub-miniature J-lead surface-mount tact switch aimed at home automation and IoT devices. Called PTS815, it is 2.5mm thick, with a 4.2 x 3.2mm footprint while retaining a relatively large actuation surface (3 x 2.2mm oval). For compatibility with production processes, the actuation surface is hard and flat. “With PCB space at … This story continues at Tact switch is small for IoT Or just coverage at... Read more

Arduino Metronome

When learning a new instrument as a kid, there are so many new things to keep focus on. Keeping pace in the right tempo is one of them. Not finding a functionally complete and convenient metronome meant the best excuse to start building again with my kids. In this Instructables post you’ll find the…By: csurgay Read more

School Countdown Calendar

I have been a school teacher for most of my adult life, and like most students, I look forward to the long summer break that awaits us each year. This year as one of my classes learned the basics of LED control with Arduino and then graduated on to displaying simple messages with 4-digit 7-segment d…By: chrisjlipp Read more

Intel announces it is exiting 5G mobile modem market after Apple and Qualcomm bury the hatchet

Intel has announced that it is to leave the 5G smartphone modem business and will assess the opportunities for 4G and 5G modems in PCs, as well as data-centric and IoT devices. While Intel has not indicated a link between the two announcements, the news comes just after Apple and Qualcomm said they are bringing their legal battles to an end. It means that Intel will not supply the modem... Read more

Intel pulls out of 5G smartphone modems

Intel says it will no longer pursue 5G modems for smartphones following the peace deal between Qualcomm and Apple. Intel will assess the opportunities for 4G and 5G modems in PCs, IoT and other data-centric devices and will invest in its 5G network infrastructure business. “In the smartphone modem business it has become apparent that … This story continues at Intel pulls out of 5G smartphone modems Or just coverage... Read more