A mechanical tulip, lit by Adafruit NeoPixels #NeoPixel #Adafruit #ValentinesDay

Jiří Praus (Twitter @jipraus) has created a sensation on the internet since posting about a mechanical tulip he created for his wife.It’s done! Mechanical tulip as a present for my wife. When caressed it blooms into various colors. And will never fade.What’s behind the magic? Few pics of #mechflower internals. It is controlled by Arduino Nano. Moved by a servo. And light up by 7 Adafruit NeoPixels and 30 SMD bright white... Read more

Inside the Dreamcast homebrew scene | Wireframe issue 7

Despite its apparent death 17 years ago, the Sega Dreamcast still has a hardcore group of developers behind it. We uncover their stories in this excerpt from Wireframe issue 7, available now. In 1998, the release of the Dreamcast gave Sega an opportunity to turn around its fortunes in the home console market. The firm’s earlier system, the Saturn, though host to some beloved titles, was running a distant third... Read more

How to build a WiFi picture frame with a Raspberry Pi

Digital picture frames are really nice because they let you enjoy your photos without having to print them out. Plus, adding and removing digital files is a lot easier than opening a traditional frame and swapping the picture inside when you want to display a new photo. Even so, it’s still a bit of overhead to remove your SD card, USB stick, or other storage from a digital picture frame,... Read more

Pay What You Want for Humble Book Bundle: Robotics & IoT by Packt

Building robotics and Internet of Things projects are definitely among the more interesting and fun things you can do in the technology field. If you’re looking to get into this line of business or just a fun hobby and are looking to soak up as much knowledge as you can, the Humble Book Bundle – Robotics & IoT by Packt is a great deal for you. Along with getting books... Read more

Intel’s USB stick for developing deep neural networks

RS Components is stocking Intel’s Neural Compute Stick 2, for fast deep-learning IoT development. “As well as for use by data scientists and academics, the device is ideal for developers and engineers looking at integrating computer-vision and artificial intelligence capabilities into their IoT,” according to RS. Like the earlier Movidius Neural Compute Stick, NCS 2 … This story continues at Intel’s USB stick for developing deep neural networks Or just... Read more

Octoprint Enhanced Control

Hello everybody!!I just wanted to control remotely my 3d printer, so I got a raspberry pi.I setup octopi/octoprint and everything ran smoothly but I couldn’t power off the printer main power remotely.Trying to find solutions on the net I found this instructable from MakinThings.So I decided to contr…By: javjue Read more