Raspberry Pi supercomputer

Oracle has built a supercomputer from 1060 Raspberry Pi’s. It runs on Oracle Autonomous Linux. The Raspberry Pis are connected to a series of  Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48s and uplinked  with SFP+ 10GbE transceivers. They are powered by USB power supplies. A 1U Xeon server acts  as a central storage server for the supercomputer. Custom, … This story continues at Raspberry Pi supercomputer Or just coverage at Electronics Weekly Read more

Make a micro:bit Name Badge #WearableWednesday

From ScienceOxford on instructables:These instructions will show you how to program a BBC micro:bit to show everyone who you are, then create and customise a felt badge to contain it. Every Wednesday is Wearable Wednesday here at Adafruit! We’re bringing you the blinkiest, most fashionable, innovative, and useful wearables from around the web and in our own original projects featuring our wearable Arduino-compatible platform, FLORA. Be sure to post up... Read more

Arduino IDE 1.8.10 has been released

Hey Arduiners, Today we are releasing IDE 1.8.10 and you should try it because it’s awesome! With the support of our incredible community, we’ve been improving a lot of (small and not so small) things. Besides taking a look at the complete changelog, we’d like to point out one outstanding contribution that we received during this dev cycle. […] Read more

Raspberry Pi-powered IIoT Gateway

Farnell is shipping the Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway; the low-cost industrial gateway powered by Raspberry Pi. Since the launch of the product at Embedded World Germany in February 2019, says the company, there has been significant demand for the gateway for use in a range of applications, including: building management, vehicle monitoring, industrial automation and … This story continues at Raspberry Pi-powered IIoT Gateway Or just coverage at Electronics Weekly Read more

Linux 5.3 released

Linux 5.3 has been released. This release includes support for AMD Navi GPUs; support for the umwait x86 instructions that let processes wait for short amounts of time without spinning loops; a ‘utilization clamping’ mechanism that is used to boost interactivity on power-asymmetric CPUs used in phones; a new pidfd_open(2) system call that completes the work done to let users deal with the PID reuse problem; 16 millions of new... Read more

Raspberry Pi has partnered with Shaun the Sheep!

We’re super excited to announce our new partnership with Studiocanal and Aardman Animations celebrating their new film A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, in cinemas this autumn. Raspberry Pi has partnered with Shaun the Sheep! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://rpf.io/ytsub Help us reach a wider audience by translating our video content: http://rpf.io/yttranslate Buy a Raspberry Pi from one of our Approved Resellers: http://rpf.io/ytproducts Find out more about the RaspberryPi... Read more

Linux In, Windows Out: Huawei Laptops Coming With Deepin Linux Pre-Installed

Huawei has recently started selling laptops with Linux pre-installed after the company was added to the Entity List of the United States government and is no longer allowed to use Windows on new devices. The mid-May sanction has forced the Chinese tech giant to look for alternatives, and while everybody knew Linux was the first option, Huawei has been working hard on its very own operating system as well. Called... Read more

3rd gen kit for embedded linux self-training is Raspberry Pi B-based

The 3rd generation Embedded Linux Learning Kit from Intellimetrix includes a Raspberry Pi 3B board, a Pi HAT with peripherals, power supply, cables and Linux software. It also features a manual tailored specifically for self-teaching yourself embedded Linux. Intellimetrix has announced the immediate availability of the third generation of its Embedded Linux Learning Kit (E.L.L.K.). […] Read more

How a 0G network can make smart cities using IoT that much smarter

The IoT has the power to unleash the smart city, providing data-backed insights that can be used to inform sustainability initiatives, enhance operations and influence municipal planning and budgeting. However, the potential of this technology is currently capped by a few critical barriers — namely, security and cost. To capitalize on insights derived from the IoT and truly become “smart,” resource-strapped cities need a solution that 1) requires lower upfront... Read more