Dengrove adds 4W AC/DC modules

4W power modules in the RAC04-K/277 series by Recom are now available from Dengrove Electronic Components. The AC-DC supplies meet the latest EU ErP Lot 6 ecodesign specifications for standby and off-mode. They supply short-term overloads of up to 150%, and are a cost-effective solution for powering industry 4.0 and industrial automation, IoT and smart-building … This story continues at Dengrove adds 4W AC/DC modules Or just coverage at Electronics... Read more

US warns UK against 'madness' of using Huawei for 5G

US officials have warned British ministers that using Huawei technology in the UK’s 5G network would be “nothing short of madness”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted to the warning saying that he had no intention of putting the UK infrastructure or national security at risk. He also called on critics of Huawei to suggest alternatives. See also: Security concerns and the benefits of 5G — IoT and edge predictions for... Read more

Riot Announces Legends of Runeterra Open Beta Starts on January 24

Riot Games is hard at work to bring new games to its fans, different from what they’re used to. After launching Team Fight Tactics, an auto-battle game, Riot is readying its card game introduced last year, Legends of Runeterra. The game was briefly playable last year after the official announcement and will become playable again starting next week. Riot confirmed that Legends of Runeterra open beta stars on PC on... Read more

Whats HTTPS for secure computing?

Over the past few years, it[he]#039[/he]s become difficult to find a website that is just “http:// …” This is because the industry has finally realised that security on the web is “a thing,” and also because it has become easy for both servers and clients to set up and use HTTPS connections. A similar shift may be on its way in computing across cloud, edge, Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial... Read more

How to control multiple servo motors with Raspberry Pi

In the latest Explaining Computers video, Christopher Barnatt explains how to use servo motors with Raspberry Pi. Using servos is a great introduction to the digital making side of computing; servos allow you to control the movement of all manner of project components with your Raspberry Pi and a motor controller attached to its GPIO pins. Raspberry Pi Servo Motor Control Control of SG90 servos in Python on a Raspberry... Read more

IoT Power Measurement Feature to My Solar Charge Controller

In this instructable I am going to show you how I made an IoT Power Measurement module that calculates the amount of power generated by my solar panels, that is being utilized by my solar charge controller to charge my lead acid battery pack. The core of the project is an Arduino Nano board with […] The post IoT Power Measurement Feature to My Solar Charge Controller appeared first on... Read more

Raspberry Slideshow 13.0 has been released

Raspberry Slideshow is an operating system for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer lineup used for digital signage when you need images’ or videos’ slideshows. It plays all media contained in a USB key, fetched from a network share, from a Web/FTP server, from a folder of your Dropbox account and loaded via scp as well. The operating system can refresh the media list at fixed, given intervals, in order to slide... Read more