I2C Arduino Lab6

This lab will connect two Arduinos together using I2C to send a RGB value from one to the other and control a RGB LED using those values. Connecting the Two Arduinos step 1. You need 2 Arduinos and 2 bread boardsstep 2. connect the ground on the controller to the breadboard.step 3. Connect the A5…By: dentonwm1 Read more

Microsoft Hackster.io Virtual Internet Of Things Pack Arrives At Adafruit

Adafruit has announced the arrival and availability of the Microsoft Hackster.io Virtual IoT Pack which comes complete with a Raspberry Pi 3 mini PC and is now available to purchase priced at $225. The Internet of Things kit has been created in collaboration with Microsoft and Hackster.io and has been specifically curated for IoT Virtual […] ( …) (C) Copyright 2007-2016 Geeky Gadgets. Republishing of this feed is forbidden without... Read more

Laser Cookies: a YouTube collaboration

Lasers! Cookies! Raspberry Pi! We’re buzzing with excitement about sharing our latest YouTube video with you, which comes directly from the kitchen of maker Estefannie Explains It All! Laser-guarded cookies feat. Estefannie Explains It All Uploaded by Raspberry Pi on 2017-09-18. Estefannie Explains It All + Raspberry Pi When Estefannie visited Pi Towers earlier this year, we introduced her to the Raspberry Pi Digital Curriculum and the free resources on... Read more