Arduino Aku Aku

Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku mask Components Arduino UNO Breadboard Stripboard Soldering iron Hot glue gunUSB connection Jump Cabels (F-F, M-M & M-F) LED’s x5 (yellow & green) Resistors (220Ω) x7 Photoresistor Tilt switcg Voice Recorder + Speaker (ISD1820) Battery 9V + battery connector …By: margaritavisions Read more

Python On Raspberry Pi – Part 7

In the previous article, ‘Raspberry PI: laying out the basics I’ we mentioned the Raspberry PI as a low-cost computing device that was initially created to help students improve their programming skills, as well as raise interest in computer science. Thus the need for a beginner friendly and widely used programming language arose. The Python programming language was the answer. This is because python is user-friendly, dynamic, portable and easy... Read more

Running Android on a Raspberry Pi

Installing Android on a Raspberry Pi, while a pretty popular idea, has never been super-easy, though. The Raspberry Pi has been used in many different ways over the years by many different people, but installing Android or a Raspberry Pi has always presented a challenge. This article first appeared in The MagPi issue 71. Click here to download your free digital edition of The MagPi 71. Solutions have existed in... Read more

Sync modular synths and electronic instruments with a DIY kit

The Raspberry Pi community is wonderfully collaborative, with people all over the world supporting each other to make things they care about. It’s part of a much wider maker movement, and a new project from seismic industries, called spink0, brings the power of Raspberry Pi to another DIY community in the music world: modular synthesizer enthusiasts. Modular synths Modular synthesizers are dedicated machines for creating and controlling electrically generated sounds.... Read more

How to Use ArduinoBlocks

Want an easy way to learn how to program the Arduino ?Blocks it !!Using just an Arduino Uno and an ArduinoBlocks website, you can easily build your program without need to remember the the programming syntax. The Board Overview ArduinoBlocks have used the Google Blockly development code to create…By: Ahmed Nouira Read more