IR LED Controller

Today, you will learn how you can build a simple IR LED Controller. Just combine an IR remote with some LEDs and you’ve got the perfect introduction to IR controlling. The parts for this build are provided by Kuman, you can find them in their Arduino UNO Kit. Parts Needed 1 x Arduino board (I’m u…By: Aleksandar Tsvetkov Read more

Open Hardware Rover With OpenCV

In this lines you can read how build a rover using opencv for do something detecting colors.The work process is simple, Arduino have a basic program to the rover: forward, left and right that manages the movement in the rover.The Arduino board is connected to a Raspberry pi by USB port and RPI send …By: Raulrb Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero Guitar Pedal

Pedal-Pi is a lo-fi programmable guitar pedal that works with the Raspberry Pi ZERO Board. The project is totally Open Source & Open Hardware and made for hackers, programmers and musicians that want to experiment with sounds and learn about digital audio.You can code your own effects using standard…By: ElectroSmash Read more


This project shows you how to build a polyrhythmic sequencer and gives some good information on MIDI. Via MagPi: Back in The MagPi 58 we showed you our Hexome simulator, running on a mobile device and controlling a sequence. It used concentric rings of trigger positions, starting with a ring of six with each subsequent ring having six more trigger positions. Now we take that basic idea, run with it,... Read more

Automatic Colormetric Water Tester #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

From Robogardens via This describes the steps for making the automated water tester. The design has slightly changed since the initial post. The original design required printing a central stalk which all the parts attached to. The stalk was 310mm long, which meant that a large format printer was required. In addition, it was difficult to print it without warping. Based on some suggestions, I redesigned the tester to... Read more