Raspberry Pi compatible Smart Home gateway

The Telegea Smart Hub is designed to be a gateway between the real world and the communication network targeted mainly at IoT applications. It is a custom hardware built around the RaspberryPi Compute Module and therefore compatible with the software from the RaspberryPi ecosystem. It provides a number of standard interfaces for sensors to acquire the data and actuators to control connected devices. Easy to use connectors are provided to... Read more

Build-your-own AI face recognising robot, and it’s Arduino

An artificial Intelligence robot can be designed and programmed with a DIY kit which has been created by Creoqode. With the Arduino-based open source project looking for crowd-funding on the Kickstarter website, the AI robot kit has an integrated HD camera and ultrasonic sensor to allow it to recognise and track faces, identify colours, and … This story continues at Build-your-own AI face recognising robot, and it’s Arduino Or just... Read more

MagPi 62: become a LEGO master builder

Hi folks, Rob here from The MagPi. I’m excited to introduce to you all issue 62 of The MagPi, in which we go block crazy with LEGO! This month’s magazine is brimming with 14 pages of magnificent Raspberry Pi projects using these ubiquitous building blocks. LEGO of everything and get one from the shops right now! LEGO + Raspberry Pi In our cover feature you’ll find fun tutorials from our... Read more

NEW PRODUCT – Clear Enclosure for Arduino or Metro

NEW PRODUCT – Clear Enclosure for Arduino or Metro This simple but effective enclosure will fit any ‘classic Arduino’ shaped development board – we’ve tested it for sure with the Arduino UNO R3, Adafruit Metro and Adafruit Metro Express. It’s clear so you can see all your onboard LEDs and silkscreen labels. There are four small screws you can use to affix the board and some bumpers that go on... Read more

The possibilities of the Sense HAT

Did you realise the Sense HAT has been available for over two years now? Used by astronauts on the International Space Station, the exact same hardware is available to you on Earth. With a new Astro Pi challenge just launched, it’s time for a retrospective/roundup/inspiration post about this marvellous bit of kit. The Sense HAT on a Pi in full glory The Sense HAT explained We developed our scientific add-on... Read more

Sponsored Post: Rectron is bringing the power of the cloud to all

Analysts at Gartner Inc. project that the public cloud services market will grow 18 percent in 2017, representing a market value of some $246.8 billion. This growth is largely being driven by the use of artificial intelligence and the internet of things within large enterprises and startups. In addition to that, there is a large push from businesses to digitise and move everything to the cloud where it is more... Read more