Mirai malware must be tackled in hardware

Fears about the potential threat of the IoT botnet malware known as Mirai are growing. Security specialist Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist at prpl Foundation believes building a root of trust within the hardware is the only defence against Mirai malware attacks. The fear is that the malware behind an IoT botnet could be made … Read full article: Mirai malware must be tackled in hardware Read more

How to Use Arduino Web IDE

Arduino is definitely the go to board for a large number of projects. Now to help us program on the go , they’ve launched the Web IDE for Arduino. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. The Arduino Web IDE allows us to write code and upload it to any Arduino and Genuino board from your w…By: goks_lf Read more

NetBSD Image for Raspberry Pi Updated to Improve Raspberry Pi 3 Boot Support

Jun Ebihara of the Japan NetBSD Users’ Group is reporting today on Twitter that he managed to release an updated version of the Raspberry Pi image for the NetBSD (evbarm) operating system. The new Raspberry Pi image (2017-06-20-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img.gz) is available for download right now, and it appears to include various fixes that would improve the use of NetBSD on Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers, specifically a boot problem. They are... Read more

Diy Nextion Touchscreen HMI

I always wanted to have a touchscreen Interface in my projects which are related to arduino, raspberry pi and esp8266. I earlier used the cheap Chinese touchscreen display which used to have resistive touchscreen. The problem with these display is that they take a lot of I/O’s on our micro controlle…By: HardiqV Read more