Robotics for beginners: build a wheeled CamJam EduKit robot

Getting started with robotics is a dream for many new Raspberry Pi owners, and it’s way easier to build a robot than you think. One of our favourites is the CamJam EduKit 3 Robotics kit by Cambridge Raspberry Jam. The kit is designed by Michael Horne and Tim Richardson, the guys who run CamJam and Pi Wars. Michael and Tim are active members of the Raspberry Pi community. Read more

Networking: Pin the Tail on the Headless Raspberry Pi

Eager to get deeper into robotics after dipping my toe in the water with my BB-8 droid, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The first step was to connect to it. But while it has built-in 802.11n wireless, I at first didn’t have a wireless access point, though I eventually did get one. That meant I went through different ways of finding it and connecting to it with my desktop computer.... Read more

DIY an helpful home assistant using Amazon Echo and Raspberry Pi

The maker Jamie McKane decided to build his personal home assistant using Amazon Alexa Voice Service and a Raspberry Pi 3. Alexa is an always-on virtual assistant that allows you to access services and applications using voice commands preceded by the word “Alexa”. He worked to incorporate the wake word that were not originally supported. The hardware you need to create your Alexa-powered assistant is a standard Raspberry Pi 3 Model B... Read more

Acrophobia 1.0: don’t drop the ball!

Using servomotors and shadow tracking, Acrophobia 1.0’s mission to give a Raspberry Pi a nervous disposition is a rolling success. Acrophobia 1.0 Acrophobia, a nervous machine with no human-serving goal, but with a single fear: of dropping the ball. Unlike any other ball balancing machine, Acrophobia has no interest in keeping the ball centered. She is just afraid to drop it, getting trapped in near-infinite loops of her own making. Read more

Brazil Wins the Raspberry Pi Overclocking Olympics

[Alex Rissato] proudly reports that he now holds the record for highest benchmark score on HWBOT (machine translation); something he sees not only as a personal achievement but admirably, of national pride. Overclocking a Raspberry Pi is not as simple as achieving the highest operational clock rate. A record constitutes just the right combination of CPU clock, memory clock, GPU clock and finally the CPU core voltage. If you’ve managed to produce that special... Read more

A live-streaming Raspberry Pi nest cam: your essential Easter Monday viewing

It’s Easter Monday, a public holiday here in the UK, and Pi Towers is still and silent. Even the continuous flight augering piler on the massive building site next door is, for a time, quiet. So here is the briefest of posts, to share with you a Raspberry Pi cam live-streaming from a blue tit nest in Alan McCullagh‘s parents’ garden in Kilkenny, Ireland. You’ll need to have Flash installed... Read more