Sponsored Content: Don’t Forget Connectors When Designing IoT Applications

Hardware as well as software connections matter for IoT, writes Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technical Marketing, Farnell. Experts on the Internet of Things (IoT) believe that the planet-changing technology can only reach its full potential if it is based on wireless communications systems. Although a huge number of IoT nodes will certainly be battery-powered and … This story continues at Sponsored Content: Don’t Forget Connectors When Designing IoT Applications Or... Read more

Attend our Cambridge Computing Education Research Symposium

Are you an academic, researcher, student, or educator who is interested in computing education research? Then come and join us in Cambridge, UK on 1 April 2020 for discussion and networking at our first-ever research symposium. Dr Natalie Rusk from the MIT Media Lab is our keynote speaker Join our symposium At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we carry out research that deepens our understanding of how young people learn about... Read more

Arduino Time Attendance System with RFID

In this project you’re going to build a time attendance system with MFRC522 RFID Reader and Arduino. When you swipe an RFID tag next to the RFID reader, it saves the user UID and time in an SD card put into a SD Module for Arduino. It also shows if you are late or in […] The post Arduino Time Attendance System with RFID appeared first on Open Electronics. The... Read more

Major Japanese hardware vendor joins Open Invention Network

The Open Invention Network (OIN) is the largest patent non-aggression community in history. It’s chief job has been to protect Linux and open-source friendly companies from patent attacks. Now, Japanese hardware power Taiyo Yuden has joined the OIN as a community member. What does a global leader in the development of advanced capacitors, inductors, functional modules, and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters have to do with Linux or open source?... Read more