Raspberry Pi as car computer

Carputers! Fabrice Aneche is documenting his ongoing build, which equips an older (2011) car with some of the features a 2018 model might have: thus far, a reversing camera (bought off the shelf, with a modified GUI to show the date and the camera’s output built with Qt and Golang), GPS and offline route guidance. We’re not sure how the car got through that little door there. It was back... Read more

Interface DHT11 Using Arduino

In this Instructables you will learn how to set up the DHT11 Humidity and Temperature sensor on your Arduino UNO. And learn about how the Humidity sensor works, and how to check output readings from the Serial monitorDescription:The DHT11 detects water vapor by measuring the electrical resistance be…By: salab Read more

LibreELEC 9.0 Alpha Kodi 18 Leia-focused Linux distro for Raspberry Pi and PC is here

Kodi is great software for consuming media, but the best way to experience it is with a Linux distribution that focuses on it. If you aren’t familiar, LibreELEC is one such distro — it allows the user to focus exclusively on Kodi without any distractions. Best of all, it doesn’t just run on traditional PC hardware, but the Raspberry Pi too. Yes, by leveraging an inexpensive Pi device, you can... Read more


Hi there,welcome to “build your own midi/piano/music/song identifier from scratch”. Within the following steps we will guide you through installing the necessary software on your raspberry and building the casing – all files included.If you’ve grown up in the 70s and 80s, you may even recognize part…By: midiIdentifier Read more

Polarimeter With RaspberryPi

A polarimeter is an instrument often used in chemistry to determine the concentration or purity of specific substances, like sugars or organic acids.Basically a light beam is -linearly- polarized by passing through a polarizer (filter sheet, crystal, mirror) after which the light propagates in one p…By: gulux Read more