NODE Handheld Linux Terminal Version 3

YouTuber NODE has released a new video unveiling his third generation Handheld Linux Terminal which builds on the features from the previous creations and is once again fantastically awesome. Check out the video below to learn more about the Handheld Linux Terminal Version 3 powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 mini PC. Great job NODE. […] ( …) (C) Copyright 2007-2017 Geeky Gadgets. Republishing of this feed is forbidden without... Read more

Simple Arduino Sound Board

In this experiment you will understand how a passive buzzer works and how you can create a simple Arduino sound board. Using some buttons and choosing a corresponding tone, you can create a melody! The parts that I’ve used are from Kuman’s Arduino UNO starter kit Parts needed You will need: an Ar…By: Aleksandar Tsvetkov Read more

Arduino and Morse Code

It could be said the Morse Code is all but dead. It has not been a Licence requirement for Radio Amateurs here in the UK since 2003 and many other countries have removed the compulsory Morse component from their Amateur radio licence requirements. But, because of the way in which Morse Code works, t…By: DonX-Developer Read more

Make a Podcast Machine: record podcasts on a Raspberry Pi

Although it’s a little short on memory when it comes to heavy-duty multi-track audio editing, a passively cooled Pi runs completely silently, which makes it easy to create clean voice recordings with minimal background noise. These instructions will work perfectly on any Debian-based Linux distro, such as Raspbian or Ubuntu MATE. As you’re going to be recording raw PCM audio, we recommend using a reasonably large microSD card if you... Read more

Speaking Alarm Clock @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Cool build + tutorial from Instructables user victoryking. I have habit of setting up alarm clock on my smartphone just before I go to bed. While setting up alarm I usually get distracted by tasks like taking daily notes or recording daily expenses on my smartphone which is not good for my sleep cycle. Well, analog alarm clocks are great substitute and I needed bigger motive to get my hands... Read more

Custom Python Spinners #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

From Spinners, no not those fidget spinners, but a way in which a process or application can show you that it is working on something. Created by Manraj Singh, Halo is nothing to do with Master Chief, and more about giving the user useful output while a script is running. Requirements A *nix system, Halo doesn’t work with Windows…yet. It will work on a Raspberry Pi, and a big... Read more