FBI issues IoT security warning

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre has warned against weaknesses the security and privacy protections provided by manufacturers of Internet-connected smart toys, also known as IoT toys. Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist at the prpl Foundation, comments: “The security behind IoT is non-existent as developers and manufacturers by-pass security to get the latest products to … This story continues at FBI issues IoT security warning Or just coverage at Electronics... Read more

Google Home and Wifi coming to Australia

Always-listening home virtual assistants can be absolute privacy nightmares, but they are oh so convenient too. Whether you select Amazon Echo or Google Home, you have to decide if you trust the company behind the assistant that is monitoring your home. Look, having a microphone or camera in your living room or bedroom can be scary, but if you are OK with it, you are rewarded with some great functionality, such as controlling IoT... Read more

IoT environmental sensor talks to the cloud

Omron Electronic Components has introduced a multi-function environmental sensor for use as part of autonomous IoT systems. Designated 2JCIE-BL01, the sensor measures temperature, humidity, light, UVI, barometric pressure, noise and acceleration.  The device also has embedded memory for data logging to keep track of the surroundings. Data from the module can be downloaded over Bluetooth … This story continues at IoT environmental sensor talks to the cloud Or just coverage... Read more

Control Sonoff From Raspberry Pi

This tutorial describes how to control a Sonoff switch from a Raspberry Pi. I plan to use Sonoff with my LiV Pi device to turn on an AC unit when CO2 levels exceed a defined threshold. The code should work on any Python-enabled platform able to send HTTP requests. I hope this tutorial will save time…By: LiV Raspberry Pi Read more