DHT11 on Raspberry PI

I wanted to measure temperature and humidity using my Raspberry Pi. I chose a DHT11 sensor because it is robust and cheap. Configuring it is also well documented but there are a number of pitfalls on the way which I would like to focus on. The DHT11 has 4 pins. The left most is for Vcc or positive …By: scanos Read more

Asus’ new Wi-Fi router looks like a Dyson bladeless fan

Asus, purveyor of the world’s finest arachnid overlord wireless router designs, has gone back to the drawing board and come up with a new look that’s much friendlier to humans. The antenna-less Asus Blue Cave offers “smooth Wi-Fi [and] smart protection,” which in geekier terms means support for AC2600-class dual-band operation, powered by Intel’s latest Wi-Fi chipset, and Trend Micro protection for “every connected smart device on the network, including... Read more

Built on Bolt

Here is a collection of amazing projects built by students & makers using Bolt IoT platform null Washman- the Intelligent Washingmachine System Washman is a intelligent monitoring system for washing machines in hostels using IoT. Washman will inform the students whether the washing machines i…By: Boltiot Read more

Log Your Hampster’s Runs with Arduino

via Arduino Blog We’ve all seen hamsters in a cage, furiously running nowhere. Perhaps you’ve thought about the pointlessness of this activity, before going to the gym to lift weights up and down or run on a treadmill. From an outside perspective, both activities seem pointless, but when you realize the benefits, maybe tracking what “feats of strength” you’re able to accomplish, things become much more clear. As seen on Hackaday,... Read more

The Monolith is a Huge Synth Powered by Teensy, at Maker Faire #MusicMonday

via CDM The Monolith is a “ginormous” music making machine, powered by a tiny chip and tiny code – the Teensy and one single Arduino sketch. And what you get is a completely non-portable synthesizer with flashing lights, controls for sequencing and synthesis, and the ability to make beats and melodies. It won accolades at this year’s Maker Faire in California, and creators Darcy Neal (aka Lady Brain Studios) and... Read more