The MagPi Magazine Issue 57 Includes a DIY Artificial Intelligence Kit for Raspberry Pi #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

via The MagPi Magazine We’re extremely excited to share the latest issue –  it’s a very special one bundled with an exclusive project kit from Google. Called AIY Projects, the free hardware kit enables you to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects! Use your free AIY Projects kit to build a cardboard device that uses the Google Assistant SDK to answer questions, like “how far away is the Moon?” or “what... Read more

New Project! How to CNC Case for @Raspberry_Pi

In this project, I wanted to make a case for the Raspberry Pi 3. I milled the two halves of the case out of hard wood (oak and maple). I came up with this “face plate” concept to avoid overhangs since 3-Axis CNC mills can’t do them. Instead of cutting large openings, I made holes to expose the various connectors. The cutout in the top halve of the case is... Read more

Alexa Controlled Coffee Maker

This is a work in progress. Not all of the functionality that I would like to have is part of this yet but Alexa will at least turn on my coffee machine and brew a cup of coffeeAlexa.A few assumptions before we begin. This tutorial assumes you have used a Raspberry Pi and Arduino before, and that …By: emricht32 Read more

You can now use Google’s AI to add voice commands to your Raspberry Pi

As part of an ongoing initiative to make its AI tools accessible to digital tinkerers, Google is teaming up with the creators of the Raspberry Pi. A new hardware accessory called the “Voice HAT” adds stereo microphones to the credit card-sized computer, and helps anyone use Google’s Assistant to control Pi-powered projects. With a Voice HAT and Raspberry Pi, Google Assistant can answer all the usual queries, talking to users... Read more


Today, I am a little bit lazy~ due to finished my work in time, so I want to enjoy music for a while. But I have no speaker except a Xiaomi Bluetooth music box and a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. So I was going to try Bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi 3B. After burning the operating system on the TF card and…By: yoyojacky Read more

Get a free AIY Projects Voice Kit with The MagPi 57!

We’re extremely excited to share with you the latest issue of The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine. It’s a very special issue bundled with an exclusive project kit from Google. Called AIY Projects, the free hardware kit enables you to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects. The first AIY Projects kits are bundled free with the print edition of The MagPi 57. What you’ll find inside Inside... Read more

Raspberry Pi Foundation: We'll Ship the 250,000th Raspberry Pi Zero W This Week

Raspberry Pi Foundation is today announcing that the 250,000th Raspberry Pi Zero W single-board computer (SBC) will be shipped this week, two months after its launch at the end of February. Selling a quarter million Raspberry Pi Zero W units in only nine weeks is a major milestone for the project that designs and builds some of the most powerful single-board computers on the market, the Raspberry Pi. It also... Read more

How to run a Raspberry Pi meetup

Raspberry Jam is the name for Raspberry Pi meetups—and they come in many different formats. Some are like traditional tech user groups, but many are family-friendly events that provide opportunities for kids to learn to code and make things. The Raspberry Pi Foundation supports the community of Raspberry Jams and has just released a Guidebook to help people get started. Read more