MicroController 101

Greetings fellow Instructables Readers,Makers,Geeks,Hobbyists,Electronics Enthusiasts and Beginners;Today, almost everyone is aware of the infamous Arduino and Raspberry Pi.Many even know how to use it to make cool stuff!However,not many know what an Arduino actually is,how does it work,how it’s mad…By: hrithikbansal70 Read more

Raspberry Pi Tablet Console

Creare tablet console portatile con raspberry pi è facile, basta un pò di fantasia. In questo caso ho deciso di usare plexiglass, ma si può usare legno o altro materiale. Prima Fase Taglio Del Plexiglass E Inserimento Pad Comandi Dopo aver deciso le dimensioni del plexiglass e tagliato le varie p…By: LinoL9 Read more

Raspberry Pi Portable Console

Restauro e creazione Gamegear rotto – SO usato retropie o recalbox Step 1 prendere una scocca di GameGear non funzionante Prendere una scocca Gamegear e staccare il plex proteggischermo, polire l’interno e svuotare tutta la parte elettronica. Poi creare dei fori aggiuntivi per i tasti, in basso i…By: LinoL9 Read more

Attiny85 Sd Wav Player

this project uses an attiny85 and raspberry pi(as programmer) to make a wav player.very simple and under $10. Hardware you will need a raspberry pi running raspbian micro sd card for breadboard micro sd card pointometerattiny85 breadboard headphone jack100 ohm resistor push button100μ…By: wyattplayz101. Read more

Hackaday Prize Entry: High Speed Sampling For The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has become a firm favorite in our community for its array of GPIOs and other interfaces, as well as its affordable computing power. Unfortunately though despite those many pins, there is a glaring omission in its interfacing capabilities. It lacks an analogue-to-digital converter, so analog inputs have to rely on an expansion card either on those GPIOs or through the USB port. Most people remain content with... Read more

OpenELEC 8.0.3 Embedded Linux Entertainment OS Adds Mesa 17.0.5 and Linux 4.9.25

The development team behind the OpenELEC project, an open-source embedded Linux entertainment OS, announced today, April 30, 2017, the release and immediate availability of the third maintenance update to the OpenELEC 8.0 series. OpenELEC 8.0.3 comes one week after the previous point release, OpenELEC 8.0.2, and it brings all the recently released technologies, including the Linux 4.9.25 LTS kernel for both generic and Raspberry Pi builds, Mesa 17.0.5 3D Graphics... Read more

Pi Zero on the Breadboard

This instructables show how to plug the Raspberry Pi Zero (or Zero W) on the breadboard without soldering. Preparation Raspberry Pi ZeroI know it is cheap but very hard to buy one, if you want built-in WiFi feature, Zero W is easier to get oneBreadboard830 points breadboard is good enoughBreadboa…By: 陳亮 Read more