LibreELEC-Based Lakka 2.0 Officially Released with Raspberry Pi Zero W Support

After being in development for the past six months, the Lakka team announced that their OpenELEC-based operating system for single-board computers reached 2.0 milestone. That’s right, Lakka 2.0 is officially out, and the biggest change of this major release that includes numerous new features, support for new hardware, support for new game engines and emulators, as well as lots of under the hood improvements and bug fixes, is the rebased... Read more

Raspbian PIXEL Fork Lets You Install and Run the Operating System on a PC or Mac

After announcing the availability of new builds of his AndEX Nougat 7.1.1 Android-x86 fork that lets users run Android 7.1.1 on their PCs, now Arne Exton released a custom build of Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Raspbian PIXEL image. Raspberry Pi Foundation recently updated their Debian-based Raspbian operating system for Rasperrby Pi single-board computer with the latest version of the PIXEL desktop environment, a fork of Xfce, but it didn’t ship with... Read more

Best Raspberry Pi kits: get the parts for your next computer hardware project in kit form

Want to build a project, but don t know where to get started? Kits are the way to go. And these are the best Raspberry Pi kits. We ve gathered here some of the best kits around. Everything from retro gaming systems to wildlife cameras can be bought in kit form. The best Raspberry Pi kits are perfect for newcomers, but also fun for seasoned makers. They teach you something... Read more

Google Assistant SDK preview brings voice agent to the Raspberry Pi

Google has released a Python-based Google Assistant SDK that’s designed for prototyping voice agent technology on the Raspberry Pi 3. Google’s developer preview aims to bring Google Assistant voice agent applications to Linux developers. The Google Assistant SDK is initially designed for prototyping voice agent technology on the Raspberry Pi 3 using Python and Raspbian […] Read more

Library Noise Detector With Humidity and Temperature Sensor @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

Cool project tutorial from Instructables user GlenB38. This is a temperature/humidity/noise detector to be used in any room, in this case a library. This device continuously takes the input devices and logs the data into the dashboard with a buffer of 1 hour and access every data intake online through phpMyAdmin. This device can take incoming Tweet events to do various jobs through outputting current readings to Twitter or mail.... Read more

Raspberry Pi Weekly Issue #201 – Support – out now, featuring the all-terrain robot +Ingmar Stapel shared…

Raspberry Pi Weekly Issue #201 – Support – out now, featuring the all-terrain robot +Ingmar Stapel shared here a couple of days ago, tons of resources for Raspberry Jams, and loads more. Welcome to Raspberry Pi Weekly #201! After I left Ben to curate last week’s newsletter and he broke it, I’m back to take over the reins. Read more

A tale of three Raspberry Jams

In today s post, I m going to share the tales of three Jams: how and why they got started. Norwich Raspberry Jam Norwich is a place where I ve always hoped there would be a Jam. It s a tech city in the East of England and there s plenty going on there, but so far no one has been running a Jam. I met Archie Roques at the... Read more