BLC Using Arduino Emulator

Hi Everyone, I’m Vaibhav.What is this BLC?Ans: Binary logical Calculator using Arduino Uno R3.Formally we are doing Arduino project which is real-time application in introductory labs and other places. This is all about how to create Arduino Uno project which does some basic computation for our regu…By: Vaibhav K Sugandhi Read more

Top Legal Kodi Add-ons to Stream Media on TV

Everyone knows about Kodi’s shadier side. There are loads of questionable add-ons out there for streaming TV and/or movies, with some even infringing on copyright and encouraging piracy. Looking beyond that, there are also plenty of great add-ons in the default repository that are totally above board. Instead of trying to replace cable TV, these add-ons rely on popular online content and streaming services. You can use Kodi for direct... Read more

Strip Traffic Light With Arduino

Welcome to another instructable , now we are going to make a led traffic light with arduino and a led strip obtained from a escaner , but also the code will work well with a RGB led with common anode (Bienvenido a otro instructable , ahora vamos a hacer un semaforo led con arduino y una tira de led …By: ofernandez5 Read more

Interactive Art Creates Endless Conversation using Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Via Catodo: Condizione Umana is an interactive installation designed with Valentina Peter (a.k.a. Effemeride), an Italian artist that works with books and papers. The artwork wants to be a reflection on the human condition (condizione umana in Italian). We used an Italian book of 1920 and a pair of windows from a house in Turin from the same era. We selected 8 pages from the book and extracted 8 sentences... Read more

Arduino can deliver high-speed PWM

For a long time I have admired the pulse-with modulators designed into Atmel (now Microchip) AVR microcontrollers. The company was early into adding phase-locked loop clock multipliers to give the PWM machinery something faster than the processor clock to work with. Arduino offers a simple framework to programme some AVRs in something like C but, … Read full article: Arduino can deliver high-speed PWM Read more