This project creates a portable meter for measuring good posture using the Arduino. It also uses the Arduino shield found at along with a few of the Breadware modules. If you’d like to save 10% on a Breadware shield, enter the code byars17 at checkout. Thanks to the ea…By: Akorn Read more

EnSilica and sureCore develop IoT platform

EnSilica, the Wokingham semiconductor IP specialist,  and sureCore, the Leeds low-power SRAM IP  provider, have developed an ultra-low power IoT reference platform for wearable consumer and medical applications. The IoT reference platform has been taped out using TSMC’s commercially available 40nm Ultra Low Power (40ULP) process technology. TSMC’s 40nm process integrates 193nm immersion lithography technology … Read full article: EnSilica and sureCore develop IoT platform Read more

Install Arduino IDE 1.8.2 on Linux

When I tried to install the Arduino IDE 1.8.2 on Linux like the guidance on the Arduino website proposes, the install script returns multiple errors and i got very frustrated. To prevent others from getting in that mood, I will share my solution, which i found, with you. You only have to make lit…By: patrickthecreator Read more

Shy Flower Arduino Art Project

Don’t Look at Me, I’m Shy is a beautiful interactive installation from Elisa Fabris Valenti on Vimeo. Elisa Fabris Valenti – Don’t look at Me, I’m shy – Interactive Installation Don’t Look at me, I’m shy is an interactive installation that encourages the invitation to others. Being open in front of other people is difficult. It makes us feel vulnerable. Moving alone in another country made me feel alone, and... Read more

Make Your Own Arduino With Power Supply and Bootloader

Why not just make your own Arduino?! Check out this tutorial shared by Patel Darshil on Instructables: Presented here is a low cost idea for making arduino at home. In this project, step by step information is provided from power supply to bootloading to program the Microcontroller. Here is the clone Arduino Board. I have used ATMEGA 8P for this project. You can use ATMEGA 328/168/8 or any Blank IC... Read more

Grab Some Candy with this Arduino Claw Machine

via Arduino Blog Depending on your point-of-view, you may see claw machines as an interesting device that can normally be ignored, or perhaps magnet for quarters that you must satisfy until you capture the stuffed animal that’s “so easy to get.” Maybe these gantry-crane gadgets would be a bit more fun if you could play them at home to your heart’s content. If that sounds appealing, then Ryan Bates of Retro Built Games... Read more