Actuated Smartwatch Automatically Rotates To Show Notifications (video)

A unique proof of concept actuated smartwatch has been created using little Arduino programming and hardware, providing a glimpse at what future smartwatches may look like. Watch the video below for an overview of the Arduino project which allows the smartwatch to move into a more convenient viewing position when a notification is received. HCI […] ( …) (C) Copyright 2007-2016 Geeky Gadgets. Republishing of this feed is forbidden without... Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero flies drones on autopilot

Drone maker Erle Robotics has come up with a autopilot daughterboard for the Raspberry Pi Zero. Called PXFmini, it can be used to create a ready-to-fly autopilot with support for Dronecode’s open source unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform and APM flight stack. The daughter-board, priced at €69, has been designed specially for the Raspberry Pi … Read full article: Raspberry Pi Zero flies drones on autopilot Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero W fixes networking omission

Issue 40 of the MagPi magazine changed everything I thought I knew about computing and technology. In the 1990s and early 2000s, tech publications drew subscribers by giving freebies with their magazines. First, with CDs and then DVDs, magazines came with free demos of games, shareware applications, and even limited internet service provider memberships. In the open source world, magazines gave away Linux distributions ready to be booted and installed.... Read more

Building an OBD Speed Pulse: Behold the ICE

I am a crappy software coder when it comes down to it. I didn’t pay attention when everything went object oriented and my roots were always assembly language and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) anyways. So it only natural that I would reach for a true In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE) to finish of my little OBDII bus to speed pulse generator widget. ICE is a hardware device used to debug embedded systems.... Read more