Wearable Airbag Can Protect Olympic Skiers in High-Speed Crashes #WearableWednesday

via Wearable Technologies Downhill skiing is a dangerous sport. Even the most experienced skiers may get involved in a catastrophic crash. Luckily, there’s a way to protect against such accidents, thanks to the new D-air system by Dainese. The system is based on an existing airbag system Dainese developed for motorcycle racing. In 2012, the Italian company was approached by ski racing’s governing body, the International Ski Federation to adapt... Read more


Blind belt, I tried to designed it for blind people and according to their more basic requirement. my meaning of more basic requirement is that it can sense motion of living beings and distance of obstacle. THINGS YOU NEED… 1. PIR SENSOR2. HC-SR043. ARDUINO NANO AND CONNECTING CABLE.4. BUZZER5….By: Pranay Jangid Read more