Raspberry Digital Signage is an operating system designed for digital signage installations on the Raspberry Pi: it displays a full-screen browser view restricted to a specified (web) resource.

It shows web pages from Internet, LAN or internal sources (a WordPress installation comes already installed by default on the SD card); there is no way to escape this view but rebooting the machine.

Raspberry Digital Signage 11 has been released today, which comes with the latest raspberrypi-bootloader, so that it is compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3 b+ board line.


Changelog for version 11.2

  • the underlying operating system has been updated to the latest Raspbian Stretch build, which assures the new Raspberry Pi 3b+ compatibility (raspberrypi-bootloader);
  • Chromium browser (the most important package for this browser-face operating system) has been updated to release 60 (armhf) and rpi-chromium-mods to version 20180409 (armhf);
  • a Systemd unit file now replaces the older SysV init-script for launching the digital signage stack (some code modified to comply with this new logic);
  • MAC address at URL’s end feature fixed (broken since v10.0);
  • Internal WordPress site viewability fixed (broken since v10.0).


Have a try!

You can download the Raspberry operating system from SourceForge.
More on project home page.

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